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Well as much as the new video games have the whole next-gen craze and HD, Spiderman 64 would have to be the most memorable, and it was even better when I played it again after 10 years and was able to be reintroduced to all the deep comic aspects I missed before

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@PurpleCandy: Spiderman: Web of shadows. Those camera angles were crazy.

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@comicace3 said:

@PurpleCandy: Spiderman: Web of shadows. Those camera angles were crazy.

I heard that game sucked, but thats what my school friends said

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@PurpleCandy: Meh I liked the game... the only thing I could do without was peter's voice. He sounded like a nerd with a cold. Not that there is anything wrong with words.

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Maximum Carnage

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Ps1 version was much, much better.

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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is easily the greatest.

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Spider-Man 2.

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I've only played the earlier games: 2000 Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, and Ultimate Spider-Man.

I don't particularly care for any one of them. Spider-Man (2000) was probably the most fun - though that probably has more to do with nostalgic value than anything. Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 were both initially entertaining, especially since I had just bought a new PS2 then, but both got boring quickly.

Ultimate Spider-Man's probably the best in the technical sense. It's got a massive open-world, great cel-shaded graphics, and an engaging story. Unfortunately, I didn't really like the combat and web system. Didn't feel intuitive at all, so it made the game a chore to play.

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@FiMFTW said:

Ps1 version was much, much better.

Amen, I loved that game so much. Web of Shadows is also good but it can't be compared to this gem.

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Web of Shadows is the best in terms of gameplay, but it's hideously repetitive, and the voice acting is just plain painful. The story is weak and the combat is really frustrating at times, but it's still probably the best, just for the first couple of hours or so, when you're swinging around New York, dealing with minimals Symbiote enemies.

Shattered Dimensions was fun, but it had zero replay value.

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Spider-Man 2 EASILY

followed by Web of Shadows

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@FiMFTW said:

Ps1 version was much, much better.

I actually was reffering to the PS1 version but werent they pretty much the same?

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Spider-man: Seperation Anxiety. Spider-man/xmen and also Ultimate Spider-man and, Spider-man 2&3 based off the films

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Spider-man: Edge of Time was decent/good, it got annoying on those levels where you had to race against time to save your buddy from the past/future. I would have finished the game fairly quickly if I hadn’t turned it back into the library after a week :P. Spider-man 1 was okay on the PC, but not the best.

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