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What's your favorite quote from a comic? (manga valid too if you want to add in)

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By Spidey
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"I'm a hero hunter, I hunt heroes, I haven't found any yet!"

Marshal Law.

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@Immortal777 said:

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A Dr Doom quote from Fantastic Four #611

This is one of my all-time favorites.


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Some of my favorites from The Sentry:

"You're everything. You're bigger than God. You could go everywhere... Do anything. The power of the universe is yours... And more. Or you could live in a ratty old house with two moth-eaten animals and an aging wife. You could be afraid to go outside again. You could wither and die. The decision is yours. One minute later. You gaze upon the watchtower for the last time. There's nothing left to do but wait and hope. There is silence. For the first instant. Nothing seems to happen except the briefest of changes in perception-- an infinitesimal shift of reality. The effect speeds out of the watchtower like an animal from a cage. This is the moment you lose it all."

Batman: R.I.P:

"Obvious variations aside, there's only one human body. 206 bones, five major organs, 60,000 miles of blood vessels. All it takes is time. Days. Months. Years, spent memorizing the finite ways there are to hurt and break a man. Preparing for all of them. I've escaped from every conceivable deathtrap. Ten times. A dozen times. I can slow my breathing and metabolism to control panic and conserve air. Straitjacket's kindergarten. Locks, too. Benchpressing a pine coffin lid through 600 pounds of loose soil that's filling your mouth, crushing your lungs flat, and shredding your dehydrated muscles? That's harder. But far from impossible."

And from Xombi:

"Have I really changed so much? I don't mean just physically. That's a bit obvious. I'm always surprised at how easily I accept all the unfathomable weirdness that's been sprung upon me since I've become a Xombi. Two months ago I'd never physically harmed anyone. Now, I've killed more living, sentient beings than I'm willing to stop and count. I never even paused to wonder if it was wrong. It won't be long before I'm like the others who take this all for granted as the backdrop of their lives. Until that day happens, I'm going to revel in the mundane, normal events in my life and hold them close. Annie fought long and hard to reclaim the place where she belonged. Why should I do any less?"

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Oh, come on. No one else?

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I love this one, it's my go-to when the topic is a "no kill" rule

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Call me a softy, but I really like this one too (by Supes about Lois, form Superman 212 (part 9 of "For Tomorrow")) (for some reason I couldn't post both my set of images on one post.

There's probably more quotes I've liked, but these are 2 I saved.

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90% of what Doom says is a fantastic quote.
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