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whats your favorite ongoing serious from the big two and why? and if its an a-list comic like batman or avengers what is your favorite b-list book.

my top two books at the moment are green arrow and superior foes of spiderman

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IDW's TMNT is my favorite ongoing

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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man + Batman + Smallville (S11)

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Batman for DC, some hate Snyder, but I think his storytelling if fantastic.

As for Marvel, I say Hawkeye cause...well, it's really the only Marvel title I care about.

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My personal favorites are Thor: God of Thunder and Deadpool.

Though I also love Superior Spider-Man & Fearless Defenders.

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Thor: God of Thunder

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The fact that the X-Men are my favorite heroes and i don't like any titles out there right now is frustrating. I buy Cable and X-Force and Uncanny X-Men, but they're not even in my top 5.

Favorite On-going in order:

- Green Arrow

- Harbinger

- The rest that i'm buying

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From the big 2, my favorites would be Thor and Secret Avengers. Both are very engaging stories.

Overall, my favorites are Harbinger, X-O Manowar, and Invincible.

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Aquaman, Batman, Superman unchained, TMNT, Daredevil,Hawkeye, and Superior Spider-Man

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Agent Venom (getting cancelled though), Scarlet Spider (also getting cancelled)

With those two gone it'll probably be Indestructible Hulk, Mark Waid's storytelling has been fantastic, and IDW's TMNT, again the storytelling has been stellar and City Fall is the best "event" I've read in comics in a good long time.

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  • Phantom Stranger
  • Iron Man
  • Green Arrow
  • Animal Man
  • Swamp Thing
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DC: Aquaman by far. I enjoy many of the New 52 series, but Aquaman has long been my favorite hero and his book is excellent. <33333. I hope it lasts.

Marvel: 3-way tie between Scarlet Spider, Thor: God of Thunder and Daredevil. They're the only 3 comics I'm reading from Marvel, indecently lol. Although I don't know if SS counts since its getting canceled >_<

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The Walking Dead

Smallville Season 11

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Green Arrow, TMNT, and X-O Manowar.

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X-O Manowar and Thor: God of Thunder are tied. I'll give the edge to X-O Manowar because its indie and the universe is amazing.

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For american comics: Witchblade, Artifacts, Hellboy

For European Comics: Twillight of the Gods, 1890

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DC- batman & green arrow

Marvel- daredevil

Image- saga

Valiant- xo manowar

Dark horse- conan the barbarian

Vertigo- trillium/ american vampire/ the wake

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@fil123 said:

whats your favorite ongoing serious from the big two and why? and if its an a-list comic like batman or avengers what is your favorite b-list book.

my top two books at the moment are green arrow and superior foes of spiderman

Superior Foes of Spider-Man is so much fun. It's right up there with Hawkeye...... I'm scared it's going to $#!% canned because people aren't buying it.

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Captain America - as it's the only on-going comic I'm currently reading at the moment.

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AQUAMAN it's been a hell of a ride, Geoff Johns made this book the best New52 book in my view. I hope this Parker guy does it justice.

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For DC:

  • Batman/Superman
  • Green Arrow
  • Talon

For Marvel:

  • Thor:God of Thunder
  • Deadpool
  • Scarlet Spider
  • X-Men Legacy

For Image:

  • Saga
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Aquaman, Green Arrow, TMNT, Phantom Stranger, Green Lantern, Batman

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Hawkeye is easily my favorite ongoing series right now. Everyone should read it.

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DC: Superman Unchained, Batman/Superman and Green Lantern

Marvel: Thor God of Thunder and Deadpool.

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I do have a fair few favourites but I'll narrow them down to my favourites from each company I read. My favourite DC title is Wonder Woman, my favourite Marvel title is Thor: God of Thunder and my favourite indie title is TMNT.