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So what are your fav Non-Bruce Wayne Batman related moments? Could be from any comic:Batman, Detective, Nightwing, BOP, Teen Titans etc.All characters related to Batman qualify Including villains .For eg : I love Gordon's fight with Flass in Year One and Dick helping Barbara "to fly again" in BOP 8.What are your favorite moments not involving Bruce?

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All of Thomas Wayne as the Batman in the Flashpoint event. Most. Badass. Batman. Ever.

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Tim Drake beating Ra's Al Ghul in Red Robin! (:

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So Bat family moments? I can think of a few... put scans in spoiler blocks to save space

Batgirl Vol. 2 #6 Dick, Cass, Tim

Batgirl Vol. 3 #3. Stephanie Brown's redemption. Gives me chills

Black Mirror. Commish Gordon saving his psychopath son.

Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? Alfred becomes the Joker.

Red Robin "winning"

Tim is surprised at Steph's awesome butt-kicking

Red Robin vs Ra's al Ghul

Red Robin and Lynx

Steph explaining Bat-family history.

Damian and Steph

Tim just figured out that Batman is a little crazy

Flashpoint Batman

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Forgot to add, from Injustice. Bruce Wayne is in here but it's mostly Catwoman's moment. This is why she is awesome.