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Poll: Favorite New 52 Bat-Family Title (32 votes)

Batman 44%
Detective Comics 0%
Nightwing 16%
Red Hood and the Outlaws 19%
Batman and Robin 16%
Teen Titans 3%
Batman Inc. 3%
The Dark Knight 0%
Batwing 0%
Batgirl 0%
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Have fun voting

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I voted Teen Titans cause I really enjoyed it and it is the only Bat title I have read out of them besides Dark Knight(which sucked beyond belief).

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Have to vote Batman

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I somehow didn't see Batman until after I voted Batman and Robin....Batman is what should have my vote.

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I've only read Batman so far (i'm pretty new to DC comics but Batman's made an impression).

So... I guess I vote Batman.

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The only one I read is Red Hood and the Outlaws. I refuse to read any Batman titles.

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@bluelantern1995: The Dark Knight actually improved after Hurwitz took over. It still gets outclassed by the other batbooks though.

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great thread I Voted B-man and RObin

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I actually like all of the Bat titles, except Batwing..which I'm not reading, but so far Batman has been consistently the best.

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Batman and Robin closely followed by Batman Inc. and then Batman.

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Wow 'Tec and TDK got no votes, they are good books and far better than TT and RHATO.

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I would have voted for Batman but I love Red Hood and the Outlaws so I went with that.