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Can't find anything with the search.  
Who's your favorite minor character? 
Mine is Harrot from Mass Effect 2.

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Not sure what you mean by minor character TCK.

Rachel Cole maybe? She was quite the badass.

Oscar Clemons

Drew from LDB was a cool character (before that book got stale)

Gorr from Thor God of Thunder

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Birthday Boy was a fairly interesting character. A shame he hasn't been expanded on.

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My favorite Minor character is Jubilee.

(My favorite Miner character is The Shoveler from Flaming Carrot Comics)

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Why is it that I can't think of a single minor, minor character?

Wait, I quite liked Cole. Does he count? I think its out of sympathy.

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Not really sure who was my favorite, but I found Manitou Raven quite interesting.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

Birthday Boy was a fairly interesting character. A shame he hasn't been expanded on.

Agreed. He was very Leatherface-esque. Interesting to see Batman in that environment.

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Cannon Hawke or Chase Carver :)

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Does hit girl or kick ass count, if not I like Rook from Ben 10

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My vote goes to Peter Petruski, aka The Trapster, from the Frightful Four of Fantastic Four fame.

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Rook, Ben 10

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Ambush Bug, Julian Parker, Chow Chu, Shipwreck, Tawky Tawny.