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Poll: Favorite Justice League episode? (19 votes)

Divided We Fall (Braniac reveals himself) 11%
Starcrossed (The Thanagarian innvasion happens) 5%
Wake the Dead (Grundy returns while being powered by chaos magic) 5%
Destroyer (Darkseid begins his invasion on Earth) 0%
For the Man who has Everything (The Trinity gets an unexpected visit during Superman's bday) 16%
Better World (The Justice League cross paths with themselves) 16%
Secret Origins (The White Martians invade Earth) 5%
Kids Stuff ( The Justice League gets transformed into children) 16%
Other 26%
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Wild Cards

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I like the episode where they fight the joker and royal flash gang especially since the teen titans cast provided the voices of the gang.

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idk the name,it's when General Eilling fought Shining Knight and Vigilante

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@fuchsia_nightingale said:

idk the name,it's when General Eilling fought Shining Knight and Vigilante

That was Patriot Act That has to be my favorites and When Superman fought Captain Marvel (one of the best fights in the series imo).

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When batman wonderwoman and Gl go back in time the 2 part epi

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It's a tie between Starcrossed and a Better world (the latter because it practically inspired the storyline of Injustice). And Kids stuff, due to the sheer hilarity of seeing the league as kids.

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I tried thinking of all the good episodes. Oh well.

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I remember specific incidents from episodes that stand out. Quotes and such. If I had to pick one to watch over and over again though It'd be either Wild Cards or Divided We Fall. Who didn't get chills when Flash starts talking about the Speed Force!

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All of them. I don't even like most of DC's characters, but that show is freaking awesome!

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I liked this episode not because it was good but because they think kids are stupid. When I first saw this episode it made me think these 2 guys are fighting in lava what would make Superman think that throwing Doomsday in a volcano would stop him when he's own heat vision was hotter and it didn't do anything. At the end where Superman drops to his knees and WW "saves" him also made me think they where just fighting in lava what was that going to do kill Superman.

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The 2 part episode with Chronos as the villain

#13 Posted by The Stegman (26005 posts) - - Show Bio

Wild Cards

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My favorite is Divided We Fall. I mean who really expected Braniac to pop up like that. Plus everyone had their moment in that episode.

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I don't have any particular favorite episode. But, I enjoyed all the episodes that focused on Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Question, and Huntress.

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Wild Cards hand down! It was hilarious and Joker was just crazy!

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Divided we fall was cool because Wally goes HAM. But I liked when they were kids, Bats was funny.

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@wolverine08 said:

I don't even like most of DC's characters, but that show is freaking awesome!

Wow! Glad to know some people can get invested into a show when they don't care for most of the cast even though that makes no sense at all!