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Poll: Favorite Indie Title? (Comic Book Question of the Week) (270 votes)

Chew 5%
Clone 1%
Deathmatch 1%
East of West 4%
Five Weapons 0%
Invincible 13%
Judge Dredd 3%
The Legend of Luther Strode 2%
Mind The Gap 1%
Saga 20%
Star Wars 3%
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 12%
The Spider 1%
The Walking Dead 14%
X-O Manowar 3%
Other (Specify in comments!) 16%

Welcome to the latest question of the week! We obviously can't list every non-Marvel/DC title out there, so if your fave isn't an option, vote "other" and post what title it is below.

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X-O is amazing, I wish that Snapshot and Black Beetle weren't short series, but Dredd is so good. One of my favorites out now.

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hellboy in hell

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I am going to have to go with Star Wars since Legacy, Darth Vader and the Lost Command and Ghost Prison were all so awesome. How is Fables not on here though? Well it is Vertigo but still it isn't explicitly DC. I would have voted for Irredeemable if it wasn't over though.

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Totally couldn't pick just one on this list! Although Invincible and Saga are my favs. I want to start reading X-O Manowar soon though. Looks sick. Also I have been enjoying Great Pacific.

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@ellie_knightfall: The Massive is so good... I feel like Brian Wood is writing that book just for me.

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Had to go with other because of the egregious omissions of bloodshot and harbinger.Thinking i may check out the black bat as well when it comes out

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I went with TMNT. I have to admit that I don't read enough Indie stuff though. I plan to rectify that in the near future.

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Hellboy or BPRD

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My favorite is Morning Glories!

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i am shocked and saddened at the lack of love for "Revival" that book has been downright amazing one of my favorite pulls, is anyone else reading and loving it? or am i the only one

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Harbinger mos def

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tough call on this one, theres so many good indie books out there. really tough choice between Invincible and Walking Dead though. love em both, and i feel like ive grown up with Invincible but ive gotta give it to WD, because at the end of a long day its nice to sit back and read some zombie killing goodness

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The Sixth Gun. Seriously, how is it that I see no one talking about this on ComicVine???? The series is a great combination of a western and supernatural comic.

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Archer & Armstrong

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My pick is TMNT. Saga is a really close second but the IDW run on tmnt has been phenomenal. If you even have a remote interest in the turtles you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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The Manhattan Projects

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Harbinger, American Vampire and Fables.

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Invincible BY FAR!

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Five Weapons finally got a vote? YAY!

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@the_tree said:

Invincible! My favorite ongoing series.

I'm an Invincipal for life.

Ditto. Unreal stuff. Not sure how Kirkman does it but the man is amazing.

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I Voted for Invincible - Glad to see so much love for the title (tho walking dead is also awesome thank you kirkman!)

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Picked Saga but would have loved seeing GI Joe or Transformers as an option.

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Mind the Gap

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if saga wasn't on there my vote would've gone to witch doctor

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Huh, the Walking Dead got a lot fewer votes than I thought it would, guess zombies just aren't that mind blowing. (sorry, couldn't come up with any other jokes for zombies. Been a long day)

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B.P.R.D. and Fatale should be on that list, too, plus Red Sonja - just to represent the fantasy genre with half naked women in it!

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That and Bedlam.

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Chew and The Goon.


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all day babyyy!

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Is Harbinger indie? If so, then THEM!

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I vote Hellboy (so long as the definition of indie in this context is anything not put out by Marvel/DC). I also really like what little I've read of Fatale (I collected the first few monthlies, then I missed a few so I decided to wait until the trades came out... just haven't gotten around to collecting those yet), and I've been wanting to read Saga, which I also have heard is really good, just haven't gotten around to doing that yet either.

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Luther Strode has been amazing. And I'm really enjoying Cavewoman. Once you get past the ridiculous cheesecake factor.

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voted for chew i think WD is too mainstream to be indy but is great and hellboy should have been on the list im on the 6th trade and loving it

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Black Beetle ftw!

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East of West is my only indie right now and it's super awesome!!!!!

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Oh boy, this was a tough one for me, but I chose Saga.

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Surprised Fatale wasn't on here. I voted for other because my favorite Indie book right now would have to be Morning Glories

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@k4tzm4n said:

@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek said:

@k4tzm4n said:

@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek said:

@k4tzm4n: Yeah I know what you mean. Sorting out all the comic books that have below _____ amount of sales and other categories would take a while to sort. So which is your favorite indie comic book currently?

I was torn between TMNT/X-O/Five Weapons/Strode. Ultimately, X-O earned my vote -- wasn't an easy choice, though.

What's the plot for X-O Manowar?

Pretty much this:

I need this comic in my life.

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Angel & Faith, EASILY

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@the_tree said:

Invincible! My favorite ongoing series.

I'm an Invincipal for life.

I've never got a chance to read Invincible. Too many issues lol. Any ideas for a good jumping on point?

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The only indie comics I'm reading is TMNT.

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Meh, anything non-Marvel/DC is being deemed "indie" for this.

I wouldn't consider anything by IDW, Dynamite, Image, or Dark Horse to be "indie". They're not the big 2 but they're still pretty big publishers but TMNT was on the list so TMNT most definitely. Judge Dredd is growing on me also, but I can't betray my boys.

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I like so many indies including the ones mentioned here...but my heart had to go to Walking Dead.

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Who know who I voted for...The Shadow Knows!