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What is your Favorite Final Fight when only one hero or villains comes out victorious after all there time fighting. Which fight did you like. It can even be a team fight like the Marvel Civil War.

My personal favorite was the three way fight between Aquaman Forces, Wonder Woman and her amazons, and the Resistance that consist of Batman, Cyborg, Flash and others.

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Superman vs Doomsday was incredible.

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Love the fight between Batman and Jason Todd in Red Hood.

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Those are 3 of my favorites along with Kara/clark vs darkseid at the end of apocalypse if we're talking films.

Comic-wise for some reason I always enjoyed reading azrael taking down bane in knightfall, I know it's not necessarily a final battle but I just love that fight, no idea why

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Flash vs Zoom

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Gohan vs Cell.

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Can't pick. Way too many.

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Solid Snake vs Liquid Ocelot

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Invincible vs. Conquest. Both their fights were great. The first 'final' one lasted 3 issues and was brutal. The second one was equally as brutal and almost killed Invincible as he finished off Conquest.

Captain America vs. Kang at the end of Kang Dynasty was great. First, they fight in space as giant projections. Then, they wrapped it up on the ground in cool scene with Cap finally ending it. There was a great moment when Cap says he will handle it, and one of the Avengers says that it's basically not fair that Cap will end it himself since they all suffered. Thor responds saying that Cap is going alone not because of pride but because Cap is all that is required. Cap then goes takes on Kang in a great Shield vs sword battle.

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Man, I was really hoping this thread was about Final Fight.

Haggar forever.

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I also want to add the final fight between Thanos and Nova & Star Lord in the Thanos Imperative to my list of favorite final fights. It isn't even much of a fight but the ending scene is just fantastic and remains one of my favorite comic moments.

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SOO many to choose!

In no particular order:

  • Superman vs Doomsday
  • Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Emotional Spectrum vs Volthoom
  • Superboy Prime vs Sodam Yat
  • Batman vs Jason Todd
  • Superman vs Darkseid (in STAS)

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Sodam Yat, Legion of Superheroes, and Teen Titans vs Superman Prime in Legion of Three Worlds.