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What are some of your favorite easter eggs, hidden objects, and homages in comics??

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@dementedtheclown: can you explain me those? I dont get them

these are my favorite though

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@dementedtheclown: Not sure I see the Easter Egg in the first panel. I mean yeah, it's a shot of Superman's costumes throughout the ages, but that's not necessarily obscured from the reader. The second panel I get, and is cool. Unfortunately, I don't have any to contribute myself.

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The Stephan Colbert for President 08 stickers all over the Marvel Universe....

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@End_Boss: I think the Easter egg in the Superman is specifically the electric blue Superman suit since Superman never actually wore that in the DCAU and Superman Beyond is a continuation of that.

@dementedtheclown: Whats the second picture from?

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Stargirl reads/knows Death Note XDD

oh and Superboy making a reference to Namor

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@noj: yeah I thought seeing the blue costume was really cool

and its the trophy wall from one of the predator comics.

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@dementedtheclown: Is that the cast of Sienfeld? Win.

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I heard that Where's Wally (Waldo for you American guys) was in Gambit #8?

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I liked how Pandora popped up in most of the New 52 #1s.

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J.H. Williams drew himself into Batwoman #2.

I'm actually putting together a blog about cameos, easter eggs and other interesting things in J.H. Williams' art, so look out for it later this week, or sometime next week everyone. :)

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Jim Aparo would hide easter eggs featuring the character that would be co-starring with Batman in the next issue of the Brave and the Bold. I used to love looking for the easter eggs as much as the reading the stories. Oh how I miss the old days.

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@V_Scarlotte_Rose: Wow, that's really cool! Had no idea he did that.

@noj: Ah, I see.

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Can't find the specific issue number/page (sorry), but I remember a Spider-Man comic where Spider-Man saves someone and after they thank him, he says "Everybody gets one." I just thought that was just a funny little nod to the family guy sketches.