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Poll: Favorite DC Animated Movies VOTING: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox vs. Justice League: War (319 votes)

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox 61%
Justice League: War 20%
I can't choose... I like them both equally! 6%
Sorry, I'm not a fan of either movie 8%
It brings me great shame to admit I haven't watched these movies and won't be able to before Friday 3%

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With a new DC animated movie just weeks away, we thought it would be fun to reflect on two of the company's more recent projects: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradoxand Justice League: War. While both are overflowing with exciting action and packed with familiar faces, they each have a noticeably different tone and narrative. So, we can't help but want to compare and contrast them and, in the end, see if you have a preference!

Flashpoint Paradox brought viewers into a dark and violent alternate world where Wonder Woman and Aquaman are waging a vicious war and it's up to Flash to save the day. Meanwhile, War is all about uniting the team of A-listers and watching as they struggle to defeat Earth's latest threat, Darkseid. Both are directed by Jay Oliva and based on source material by Geoff Johns, but we want to know if you have a preference between the two animated movies. And hey, if you happen to like both equally -- or don't like either -- those are options on the poll, too!

Want to re-watch one of these animated tales before voting? Well, there's no need to rush because you have plenty of time. The poll will stay open until Friday morning (PT), so that should give you more than enough time to think about this match. Which qualities matter the most to you? Did a certain character make or break the movie? Did you find one plot to be more entertaining? Once you've made up your mind, please remember to cast your vote and share your thoughts in the comments. We'll be sure to highlight some of the posts in Friday's updated article.

Batman: Assault on Arkham's world premiere will take place at SDCC (Friday night, Ballroom 20 at 7pm) and the DVD/Blu-ray goes on sale August 12.

Check the homepage this Friday to see how the voting ends up and why. In the meantime, feel free to make future match-up suggestions in the comments below or tell us via Twitter.

#1 Posted by Fallschirmjager (19792 posts) - - Show Bio

Flashpoint was way better.

#2 Edited by kasino (1814 posts) - - Show Bio

both great. war gave us better versions of the characters then any other movie and new relationships..Flashpoint is better

#4 Edited by ULTRAstarkiller (7618 posts) - - Show Bio

Both were better than their comic imo, but Flashpoint was better than War.

#5 Posted by youknowwhattodo (1946 posts) - - Show Bio

Not a fan of either but if I had to pick one, probably War just because the character design was better.

#6 Posted by Zelos797 (1240 posts) - - Show Bio

Flashpoin was good while Justice League War was pretty bad.

#7 Posted by judasnixon (8574 posts) - - Show Bio

Didn't care for either.... Call me up if you ever do New Frontier..

#8 Posted by GraniteSoldier (11220 posts) - - Show Bio

Flashpoint gets my vote.

#9 Posted by danhimself (21281 posts) - - Show Bio

Wasn't a fan of either...I'd actually put them both at bottom of the DC animated movie list

#10 Posted by Manchine (4340 posts) - - Show Bio

War easily. Although flashpoint was cool.

#11 Posted by angelalfonso (1315 posts) - - Show Bio

there is something that bothers me... does Flash has three sets of memories, the pre new 52, 52, and the flashpoint paradox?

#12 Posted by Alak (994 posts) - - Show Bio

Flashpoint. War wasn't as terrible as a lot of people made it out to be, but it wasn't anything special either.

#13 Posted by greenarrowfan12 (709 posts) - - Show Bio
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flashpoint easy Thomas Wayne as batman

#14 Edited by SHAZAM117 (5181 posts) - - Show Bio

Paradox is miles better imo

#15 Posted by AmazingWebHead (6976 posts) - - Show Bio

Flashpoint had its moments, but I didn't really care for either one.

#16 Posted by Outside_85 (11840 posts) - - Show Bio

Voting War because we got to see Hal smashed into the ground for his stupidity.

Speaking of... both will slump about the bottom of the DC animated collection simply for what stories they are based on, and they will most likely be joined shortly when the Throne of Atlantis adaption is let out.

#17 Posted by Zearing (840 posts) - - Show Bio

It's close, but War takes it because of the character interactions, and Green Lantern.

#18 Posted by Night4345 (7393 posts) - - Show Bio

War due to Flashpoint's terrible character design.

#19 Posted by Krypton-115 (545 posts) - - Show Bio

Tough choices, both are based on unforgettable stories and both have unique selling points. The Flashpoint Paradox has a unique and twisted alternate universe where characters like Deathstroke are pirates, and where Aquaman and Wonder Woman both wage war on Earth. Justice League War on the other hand is an enjoyable origin story with an epic fight at the end, when all the members of the League come together to face Darkseid, it also has the best portrayal of Green Lantern I have ever seen in an (animated) movie. But in the end, I have to go with The Flashpoint Paradox, because I'm just a huge sucker for alternate universes.

#20 Posted by ZZoMBiE13 (967 posts) - - Show Bio

Flashpoint for sure.

I didn't pick up the comics so I can't compare them to the source. But I really enjoyed the movie version. I liked the dark twisted version of the DC universe that Flashpoint showed us. I liked the resolution to the story, I liked the villain, the plot was fun to follow. Pretty much liked every bit of it.

#21 Posted by TheCannon (20261 posts) - - Show Bio

Haven't seen war, so I have to vote for Flashpoint.

#22 Posted by Protoflash (155 posts) - - Show Bio

Flashpoint was by FAR the better movie. War, while admittedly not starting out great by being based on the ABYSSMAL first JL arc of the new 52, did next to nothing to improve the storyline, and took away some of the better parts of the arc (aqua man), while leaving in some of the worst, most eye-rolling moments (Who the hell is bruce wayne?). In addition, that whole side-story with cyborg and shazam felt completely shoe-horned in, and was completely uninteresting (at least to me). Also, the whole time I was watching it, because of the dialogue, I was incredibly uncomfortable. But hey, at least its not Son of Batman.

Meanwhile, flashpoint had an interesting enough premise, a great script, great animation, and more batman tears than you could shake a pirate death stroke at! Also, the whole movie was more of a Flash movie than a JL movie, which makes it really stand out in my opinion. Given I am a little biased because buccellato and manapaul's run made me LOVE the flash, so this automatically gets points in my book, but I still preferred flashpoint much more over the incredibly uncomfortable War.

#23 Posted by NukeA6 (657 posts) - - Show Bio

Flashpoint hands down. War is one of DC's worst animated movies but I can't blame it because the original comic storyline was just as bad.

#24 Posted by MadeinBangladesh (10147 posts) - - Show Bio

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox STOMP

#25 Posted by ccraft (10506 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked both, but Flashpoint was better.

#26 Posted by TimeLordScience (1662 posts) - - Show Bio

Both are pretty bad compared to other DC movies.

#27 Posted by CorruptedOwl (92 posts) - - Show Bio

War was good, but flashpoint was better

#28 Posted by Dud317 (313 posts) - - Show Bio

I enjoyed them both. War, is simply surface value fun movie. What you see is what you get. It has it's jokes and action. Nothing wrong with that. Flashpoint however, has more layers. It has betrayal. It examines the love between a parent and child from both POVs. Not to mention the entire premise is based on chaos theory, or the butterfly effect.

It also boils down to this. An avid comic fan generally favors the "what if" storyline, whereas the casual fan may appreciate War better because they don't have to be as familiar with the characters in order to understand the dynamic changes that Flashpoint relies on.

#29 Posted by viin (862 posts) - - Show Bio

i didnt read the comics but i vote flashpoint paradox...there were so many character appearances and a great concept. Probably one of my top favorites of the DC animated movies.

#30 Posted by MrMazz (1619 posts) - - Show Bio

Flashpoint Paradox elevated the Flashpoint event book, which kind of just got to plotty for its own good in the end (more than likely due to the size of the event) streamlining it to essential plot to conform to the 77 minute run time. Most importantly it never forgot the emotional heart and currency of the feature is Barry Allen's guilt, telling one of the best emotional stories in a DC Animated feature to date. The investment in an emotional foundation is what separates decent enough DC Animated Features from the truly great. Flashpoint Pardox took an OK comic event book and made it into a great Flash story.

Justice League: War streamlined structure is excellent and as a means to contextualize mass destructions works very well. The character work as a play on archtypes brushing against each other also works. Yet I was just left wanting. The relentless action while well done could've been replaced with more talking or perhaps showing more of the characters in a solo context. War was an event plot and just that - the event happened and that's that . It’s the problem with most forgetably decent DC animated features, an purposive plot without an emotional foundation to make the plot hit emotional and plot beats. There was nothing before or after and that’s where I think it falls apart, due to the inclusion of SHAZAM. He was added into the story and makes a good audience surrogate but so little is really done with riff raff street rat Billly Batson that he comes off more like a jerk with unimaginable power (for some reason) than interesting hero (anti or otherwise). Sure he makes good with Cyborg but what about him before? We can all head cannonon what happened to the other guys after words because they are treated more like idols than characters for the most part. SHAZAM isn’t an idol he was supposed to be the in to the story and go on a journey that ended in an unsatisfying fashion.

FlashpointParadox took something that was good enough and made it great. War took something that was OK and just made an OK product.

#31 Posted by THEOCITYLEGEND (1477 posts) - - Show Bio
#32 Posted by Iragexcudder (7612 posts) - - Show Bio

Darkseid making everyone his lass was awesome but the voicing was a bit off in War.

Flashpoint was a much better and put together film

#33 Posted by monsterduc1000 (20 posts) - - Show Bio

War was TERRIBLE!!! Absolutely TERRIBLE!!! Almost every voice actor was BRUTAL except for Bats and Flash. Wonder Woman was made to be a moron who couldn't stop orgasming every time she killed something. GL was sad, just sad. They should've brought back Nathan Fillion for that role, or Nolan North. Cyborg was a whiny little beeotch. Shazam was tolerable, but just barely.

Flashpoint was Awesome from start to finish. I may just have to watch it again right now because it was so good :)

#34 Posted by Experio (18207 posts) - - Show Bio


#35 Posted by RustyRoy (14938 posts) - - Show Bio

Haven't seen either but Flashpoint is way better the first New 52 JL arc.

#36 Posted by Dedpool (402 posts) - - Show Bio

War was good for what it was, but it had more flaws than Flashpoint Paradox. FP was just INSANE!!! Great story and a chance to see an alternate DCU animated, and a great restart for the DCAU films to start a continuity. It had some of the most brutal battle I've seen animated and they were between HEROES!!! It was just a great flick, and I know a lot of people weren't too fond of the animation I personally loved the bigger than life look of some of the characters like Aquaman, Batman (Thomas Wayne) and Cyborg.

#37 Posted by soldierofel (458 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm probably one of the few here who prefers JL:War. Don't get me wrong flashpoint was awesome and the fight scenes were spectacular. But war was generally more fun and enjoyable to watch. Could of done with more aquaman but i'm not complaining. It's probably one of my favourite Dc animated films.

#38 Posted by patrat18 (11589 posts) - - Show Bio

@ccraft said:

I liked both, but Flashpoint was better.

#39 Edited by Captain13 (4338 posts) - - Show Bio

Both are terrible.

What happened to good movies like Wonder Woman, Crisis on Two Earths, Return of the Joker, the Batman/Superman movie, and Dark Knight Returns?

Oh yeah, Bruce Timm left...

#40 Posted by Pwok21 (2464 posts) - - Show Bio

War was completely abysmal.

Sure Flashpoint isn't as good as some of the other DC animated properties but it beats War handily.

#41 Posted by sinestro_GL (3537 posts) - - Show Bio

It's a tough choice, but I would have to go with the Flashpoint Paradox. Admittedly, Hal Jordan is my favourite character, and had a more central role in JLW, the story from TFP was much more engaging and better executed. The fight scenes were far more action packed (but went a bit too far at times), and each scene involving Barry and/or Zoom was beautifully animated.

On the plus side of JLW was that it did make me laugh, while TFP left me depressed, and JLW also had superior character designs, whereas the characters in TFP were far too bulky - Aquaman comes to mind.

Praise should also be given to TFP for moving the central focus away from either Bruce or Clark and onto Barry, however too many characters were introduced into the relatively short film, leaving little room for character development other than Barry and Thomas. JLW didn't suffer this problem as the story was tightly woven around only a handful of characters.

Overall, TFP wins my vote, but only narrowly not because it is a great animated film, but because it was, for me, better than JLW.

#42 Posted by zaied (3359 posts) - - Show Bio

Both aren't as good as the movies DC has put out in the past, but Flashpoint was better..

#43 Edited by IDontLikeBirds (538 posts) - - Show Bio

Well that was a pretty easy vote, especially since I'm an Aquaman fan and he was excluded from War.

#44 Edited by The_Comebacks (315 posts) - - Show Bio

I really enjoyed both. JL War was more of a popcorn flick. Darkseid was more of a brute-which did hurt this movie. Flashpoint was dark but really well done. There are twists and the villain is compelling. My favorite dc animated movie isn't a movie per say-but the Cadmus arc in JLU is basically a movie and probably my favorite DC animated story.

#45 Posted by vandinejd_1991 (473 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm picking Flashpoint because it had one of the best moments in comic book history in it: Bruce receiving the letter from his dad and him crying over it.

#46 Posted by ravisher (718 posts) - - Show Bio

how can you not like flash point?

#47 Posted by Nightson1 (4 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked both, but Flashpoint was WAY better. I always like it when it's heroes vs heroes. Plus Bruce getting the letter from his father at the end leaves it on a nice note.

#48 Posted by Ultron345 (243 posts) - - Show Bio

Both of these are pretty great. Flashpoint was objectively the better production. WAR had brilliant action sequences but lacked the story that Flashpoint had. I personally can't decide.

#49 Posted by micah (6710 posts) - - Show Bio

Flashpoint was incredible.

#50 Posted by SupBatz (2038 posts) - - Show Bio

Both are absolutely horrible.