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Poll: Favorite Comic Runs VOTING: Jason Aaron's THOR: GOD OF THUNDER vs. WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN (225 votes)

Thor: God of Thunder 70%
Wolverine and the X-Men 22%
Unfortunately, I haven't read either. Shame on me. 8%

Welcome to the Favorite Comic Runs' spotlight, Jason Aaron!

The writer has quite a body of work with Marvel, but this week, we want to give praise to two of his most popular (and recent) works: WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN and THOR: GOD OF THUNDER. The X-Men story followed the aftermath of SCHISM -- another storyline Aaron wrote -- and ran for over 40 issues. This run saw the creation of a new school for new mutants, a brand new Hellfire Club, and, of course, focused on Wolverine as the school's headmaster and its students. Aaron's spent roughly half as many issues with the son of Odin, but during that time, he's dished out some massive stories that involve a character seeking to destroy all Gods, Malekith's rise to power, and now the fate of Midgard. Both series' have their own strengths, but if you had to pick one, which would it be and why?

As always, voting will remain open until Friday morning (ET). If you haven't given either a shot, this should give you more than enough time to pick up a trade or two and make up your mind. Additionally, we encourage you to speak up after you cast your vote. Why bother, you ask? Because we'll include two exceptional posts in the results article (which is posted on Friday). One will be selected for each story, so don't forget to elaborate after picking one!

Last but not least, everyone say "you're the best around" to the Comic Viner The_Tree. Why bother giving this person your blind praise? Because The_Tree was the very first person to guess this week's match-up based on the small teaser we provided in Friday's article. Well done, The_Tree!

Check the homepage on Friday to see which story won and why. In the meantime, feel free to make future match-up suggestions in the comments below or via Twitter.

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God of Thunder

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I would've voted for Scalped. Oh well, God of Thunder it is then.

@the_tree You're the best around!

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God of Thunder

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Oh God, WATX was awful. Every single issue featuring the new Hellfire Club deserved to be set on fire.

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YOU're voting for Thor over his X-Men run? Gotta say I'm surprised. I bet you wouldn't have done it if it was his Wolverine run being compared to this? :P

It's the same for me too. Absolutely no contest between whether Thor GOT is better than Wolverine & The X-Men. Admittedly, I don't like The X-Men as a genre or in their own corner of the Marvel Universe. Nor am I a fan of how the stories are going, their direction or how well they've been selling. Aaron's X-Men run has been OK at best. In contrast, his current Thor run is easily one of the best books Marvel has going for them as well as one of the best Thor runs to date. There's excellent writing, superb characterisation, a great understanding of the mythology and world building involved with Thor's corner of the Marvel Universe, epic action and a compelling narrative. Plus gorgeous art by Esad Ribic to boot. What's not to love about his Thor run? Well The Accursed wasn't the best but it ended well so there's that.

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I loved Chris Bachalos art and the feel he brought to the WATX series but it was too unbelievable for the new hellfire to be rich kids! This book would have been great if WATX was supposed to be a funny, kids book meant only for jokes. God of Thunder has my vote!!!

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Not even a contest, THOR ftw

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GoT God Stomps.

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@lvenger: Haha, yeah. Unfortunately, I did have to go with God of Thunder here. Jason Aaron is one of my favorite writers, and often one of the bright spots among X-Men related stories nowadays, but his Wolverine and the X-Men run isn't his best work frankly. His other X related stuff like his Wolverine run are much better, and something that I would recommend.

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Are you kidding us? Wolverine and the X-Men was good; but Thor: God of Thunder is on a whole other level; the two aren't even in the same class.

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Even though Aaron's Wolverine and the X-Men run is mediocre, I still have to give him credit for giving Wolverine this feat:

Stay in school kids!

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God of Thunder, without hesitation. The God-Butcher arc in particular was one of my favorite stories from last year. The title is definitely one of Marvel's best books. I still highly anticipate it month to month. I'm loving the current arc with contemporary Thor vs Roxxon and old Thor vs Galactus.

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Huge Wolverine fan but if anyone picks the X-Men run over the Thor run they didn't read the Thor run. Absolutely awesome to read.

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Wolverine and The X-Men was alright, I wasn't huge on alot of the X-books post-Schism and pre-AVX but Jason Aaron's run on it was one of the better ones.

That being said however, Thor: God of Thunder was amazing and surpases it on nearly every level, probably my favorite of Jason Aaron's works, thus it gets my vote without much of any hesitation.

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Thor:God of Thunder for me personally.

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I agree with the majority opinion on this one - I enjoyed Wolverine and the X-Men a lot, but Thor: God of Thunder is truly excellent.

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I canna stand tha x- men captain, therefore I canna vote fer them. Plus I'm legitimately loving God of Thunder.

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Thor, even if Wolverine and the X-Men is among my absolute favorite X-Men runs! Both are really awesome, but Thor God of Thunder is simply one of the best books I have ever read.

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Thor stomps. As a huge X-Men fan, Wolverine and the X-Men run by Aaron was one of the worst X-Men run i've ever read.

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I'm one of the shameful "haven't read either" types. When I think Aaron the first thing that comes to mind is his Hulk run, which was unique but I found it pretty bad.

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God of Thunder, no contest. Never liked Thor, but God of Thunder changed that.

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I'm surprised by the negativity towards WATX! I loved every issue of his series and it was what really made me love him as a writer. That being said, I still do prefer Thor. It's consistently fantastic!

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Definitely GoT. Only read the first arc, but it was dang good. Even if I had read WatX, I'd still probably vote against it because I don't like X-Men (as in I don't like the concept and themes. I do like some of the characters).

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I've read both, and let me say that Thor basically wipes Wolverine off the map, hell i'd say that Jason Aaron's other wolverine titles were far better than WATMX. With Thor, Jason aaron really combines everything one can really love the thunderer. It's not just the scale the people like, but everything from Thor's unyielding dedication to Midgard to his more fun and childish nature has been nailed perfectly. Plus Aaron managed to do something I personally consider very difficult; He basically wrote 3 Thors simultaneously while making each of them somehow similar yet also different in many wise. Jason Aaron has also created interesting and cool villains, albite slightly generic/cliche.

And What about Esad Ribic's art? Honestly, if the writing wasn't any good I'd recommend people just to pick the issues up for the artwork alone and nothing else. It's that good. Plus it fits Thor, or the Norse mythology tone and atmosphere perfectly. In short, Thor is a complete package. Wolverine and the X-men on the other hand, while initially fun, severely dropped in quality as time passed, to the point where I couldn't really bare reading it anymore.

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oops, think I need to change my vote, I thought this was Thor vs his Wolverine run. I haven't read Wolverine and the X Men.

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Both are good.I like wolverine story better than thor.Thor had some pretty good fight scenes in it.

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I really like both series. If this was just God Butcher + Bomb vs & X-men it would be Thor no contest.

But once Gor was out of the picture, GoT was much weaker, still great, but weaker. Especially the Maleketh stuff. It does not hold a candle to what came before. Meanwhile, Wolverine and the X-men has been consistently fun throughout Aaron's run. It is the dose of levity that the X-books have lacked since Nightcrawler died. Also Broo is one of my favorite characters period thanks to that series.

So overall, very tough call for me.

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This ain't even a contest.WATX has been mostly garbage throughout it;s career while Thor has been Marvel's best title for a while now.This is my second favorite Thor run ever.

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First one of these that I've actually read at least some of both, so it's the hardest vote I've had to cast for these. Unfortunately, I'm way behind on the Thor run, so even though what I HAVE read was outstanding, I just know more about the Wolverine series. Still, both are fantastic.

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I'm a Wolverine Fan, but "God of Thunder" is just awesome, by far better than WATX

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First one where I don't really have an opinion. Not a huge fan of the writer. To be fair, I've not read any of his Thor comics, but the X-Men/Wolverine comics of his that I've read just seem really cheesy to me. Just not my cup of tea I guess.

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Ribic is the real winner here. Love Wolverine. My favorite comic character but Aaron's Thor story was epic. Like I said, Ribic is the real winner here. His art made this story for me. So yeah, Aaron's Thor will knock this one out of the park. Wolvie and the X-Men was a fun ride and I read it first but Thor kept me glued to turning them pages.

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God of Thunder is outstanding, W+X I found frequently unreadable. Not much contest.

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Wolverine and the X-Men was one of my favorite books at Marvel the last few years. It gets my vote. Thor was been good too though. I think Marvel should consider using the GOD BUTCHER arc as the story line in THOR 3. Kind of like how they adapted EXTREMIS for Iron Man 3 and THE WINTER SOLDIER for Captain America 2. Hell, THOR 2 would have been better had Marvel just used ACCURSED. (Or read any Malekith story for that matter)

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@ducey13 said:

Wolverine and the X-Men was one of my favorite books at Marvel the last few years. It gets my vote. Thor was been good too though. I think Marvel should consider using the GOD BUTCHER arc as the story line in THOR 3. Kind of like how they adapted EXTREMIS for Iron Man 3 and THE WINTER SOLDIER for Captain America 2. Hell, THOR 2 would have been better had Marvel just used ACCURSED. (Or read any Malekith story for that matter)

How can they use an arc that started 2 months before the movie came out?

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@billy_batson: He said they should have used the Accursed arc for Thor 2, which came out in September of last year since it used Malekith. So about 2 months before the movie came out >:P.

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Thor: God of Thunder has been my favorite book period since it started. For me it's the ultimate Thor story so far because Aaron totally gets what the Thunderer is all about. It's epic, tragic, heroic and just plain beautiful, especially when Esad Ribic draws it.

The X-Men are my favorite Comic book team and I've read X-books for the last 15 years. I liked Wolverine and the X-Men, the art was great most of the time and I love the new Jean Grey school with ice tower, Krakoa and Bamfs, but the story just didn't work for me sometimes. I didn't like the Hellfire storyline and I think the potential of some characters was wasted.

So, I voted for Thor: God of Thunder.

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I went with Thor. I hated the second arc, and the Godkiller story went on a bit too long, but Aaron is doing some very interesting stuff there. I really wasn't a fan of the comical vibe on Wolvie and the X-Men. Also didn't care for the art during the issues that I read. I think my favorite Marvel work from Aaron might be his Incredible Hulk run.

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Haven't read either