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Poll: Favorite Comic Runs VOTING: Brian Michael Bendis' NEW AVENGERS or ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN? (217 votes)

New Avengers 29%
Ultimate Spider-Man 63%
Unfortunately, I haven't read either. Shame on me. 7%

Brian Michael Bendis has earned quite a resume at Marvel. He's been a big part of universe altering events, tackled numerous team books and even has an iconic run with Daredevil. However, this week, we want to reflect on his debut story in 2005's NEW AVENGERS and 2000's ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN. One is an all-new team with a comedic and adventurous story. The other's a completely new take on a story we all know and love (well, at least most of us love). If you absolutely had to pick one, would you side with NEW AVENGERS' Breakout or ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN's Power and Responsibility? Think it through and then vote!

Voting is open until Friday morning (ET). That's plenty of time to think it through or even reread these two books, right? Once you've cast your vote, please be sure to jump into the comments and explain why a certain option on the poll earned your support. Make it awesome enough and we might highlight in Friday's update. Oh, and here's a very basic protip: if you think the poll isn't going the way you want it to, rallying support and making positive posts instead of just complaining will be way more effective in potentially changing the poll's outcome. Lastly, everyone say "you're awesome" to Comic Viner billy_batson. BB was the first person to correctly identify Friday's teaser for this match-up.

Friday's article will include:

  • The poll's results.
  • A "Viner Post of the Week" made for each selection.
  • Thoughts from the staff.
  • Other work we recommend by the writer.
  • A tease for next week's writer.

Feel free to make future title suggestions in the comments below or via Gregg's Twitter page.

#1 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (40341 posts) - - Show Bio

Spider-man, I hated Bendis's Avengers

#2 Posted by KidChipotle (14498 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh my goodness this is so difficult. I really enjoyed the New Avengers but I have such a soft spot for Ultimate Spider-Man, so that's going to be my choice.

#3 Posted by Saren (26834 posts) - - Show Bio

Ultimate Spider-Man by miles and miles and miles and miles. I mean that in the figurative sense and not as a reference to Miles Morales, a connection that struck me only after I'd typed out the third "miles". It was among the earliest comic books I read, and I still remember the first issue of USM I read had Peter fighting Doc Ock in Jersey, then chumping Kraven with one punch (IIRC) and then running back to Queens in the middle of the night for Aunt May to guilt-trip him and ground him forever. I hated Carnage just randomly murdering Gwen for no reason, but at least she came back in USM's Clone Saga, which was probably better than the original because Bagley made it clear that Peter was legit losing his mind over all the crazy shenanigans.

Bendis' New Avengers is basically him going "Luke Cage is cool, right? Right? Guys?" for dozens of issues. Thanks but no thanks.

#4 Edited by capuga (46 posts) - - Show Bio

Ultimate Spiderman is my second favorite all time comic run. Classic.

#5 Posted by LiveForever (340 posts) - - Show Bio

New Avengers. Breakout was AWESOME. Like a dream Avengers team. I'd say Ultimate Spider-Man had the better run overall, as the second half of Bendis' New Avengers dropped off a cliff. But as far as a debut story, it's got to be New Avengers.

#6 Edited by Jphu8414 (4041 posts) - - Show Bio

Ultimate Spider-Man was one of the best Spider-Man runs in history

Basically got me into reading Spider-Man comics

#7 Posted by k4tzm4n (39491 posts) - - Show Bio

Please read the article. This is comparing just the debut storylines.

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#8 Posted by Saren (26834 posts) - - Show Bio

If it's just the debut storylines, New Avengers loses for bringing Sentry back to the MU.

#9 Posted by YoungJustice (7242 posts) - - Show Bio

Don't make me choose!

#10 Posted by PeppeyHare (4326 posts) - - Show Bio

Ultimate Spidey

#11 Edited by Ninjablade09 (3247 posts) - - Show Bio

I have to go with Ultimate Spider-Man. It brought Peter back to his roots, a high schooler with issues. The first storyline was able to capture. The same essence that Amazing Fantasy had, the thrill. It may have taken 5 issues for him to finally get the role, but in those five issues you had great character development, that really showed the relationship between Peter, Ben and May, and Peter and MJ. It was interesting to see Peter take advantage of his powers to play basketball, adds more to the relatability. These reasons alone are why Ultinate a Spider-Man gets my vote.

#12 Posted by BlazingNova (10842 posts) - - Show Bio

New Avengers had a good first couple of stories (Breakout) but had a couple of okay stories. So I'm going with Ultimate SpiderMan

#13 Posted by Billy Batson (59239 posts) - - Show Bio
@k4tzm4n said:

Please read the article. This is comparing just the debut storylines.

Then why is the segment called favorite runs? Why is the segment called favorite runs?


#14 Edited by NoahMcnasty (43 posts) - - Show Bio

there should be an option for I don't like either. Bendis's best writing was his first daredevil run everything after that has been a let down.

#15 Posted by PunyParker (14711 posts) - - Show Bio

He recreated the origin of Spider-Man,in a way that seemed believable and modern.Many tried,but failed.
Bendis gave Spider-Man a new vibe.An interesting take on some villians,and in the world of Spider-Man in general.

Now when people ask "What should i read from Spider-Man to know the character" i can calmly say the Ultimate origin,becaue it's modern,and it takes you 6 issues to know Peter's Uncle,before he dies.

It's a fantastic take on a difficult character,to do justice.
Avengers was a great run too,but Spider-Man put him on the superhero map.(Bendis)

#16 Posted by sentryman555 (866 posts) - - Show Bio

New Avengers was just awesome. I am biased because it did introduce me to the character of Sentry. Seeing Spider-man fighting all the villains at the prison and then Cap and the rest was awesome for me back in the day. That moment that clinched it for me was Sentry grabbing Carnage, flying him into space, and then ripping him in half. At that point I was like. Okay. I'm in.

#17 Posted by TDK_1997 (15905 posts) - - Show Bio

Even if it is only for the debut storylines then still Ultimate Spider-Man.This comic book title is one of the things that got me into comic books.I still remember picking up the first issue when I was in first grade and reading it and loving the story.I like the way Bendis portrayed and changed the story.At first back then I didn't knew that this was a different take on the Marvel Universe and I thought this is how things are and that this is some kind of a new book Marvel is publishing and I was astounded.This is Bendis' best work in his career that I've read.There are some better storylines up ahead in this title then the debut one but it is still pretty ground breaking.

#18 Edited by AirDave817 (1147 posts) - - Show Bio

This is like choosing between Mary Ann and Ginger; Betty or Veronica. I like Spider-Man. Ultimate Spider-Man got me reading the character. I started reading comic books a couple of years after Gwen Stacy died, around '74. One of my first comics was the ASM where Spider-Man faced Tarantula. Spider-Man saw Gwen, got chained by The Gremlin and thrown off the bridge. I never got the next issue, but I can only assume Spider-Man survived. HA! :) I tried the mainstream Spider-titles and could never get into it. I've picked up a few animated and all-ages tie-in titles. Jeff Parker comes close. I have to go with Ultimate Spider-Man. It lays out the whole story. I want to keep up with Miles Morales, but Bendis put such a great "The End" on Peter Parker...Maybe I'll follow Miles through trade paperbacks.

I enjoy Bendis' New Avengers. I didn't pick that up monthly, I picked up the trades. I like his concept of the team, that it should be where you find Marvel's A-list heroes. If you find Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman on the Justice League; wouldn't you find Daredevil and Spider-Man on The Avengers? The problem with The Avengers was all the events and the splintering of the team. My Avengers had Wonder Man in a leisure suit.

If there is someone with a fresh spin, it's Bendis.

#19 Posted by The_Tree (8517 posts) - - Show Bio

While I really don't like that Bendis brought back the Sentry, I still choose New Avengers. I found 'Breakout' pretty entertaining and, for the most part, enjoyed the team that was brought together. The opening arc to Ultimate Spider-Man bored me to tears.

#20 Posted by SoA (5764 posts) - - Show Bio

new avengers up until civil war was great , breakout at the raft, sentry/void, ronin/echo, the collective !! some of my favorite stories after getting back into comics

#21 Posted by Cap10nate (3227 posts) - - Show Bio

Breakout was a great story. I didn't love his whole run but it started out strong.

#22 Posted by Dark_Vengeance_ (15329 posts) - - Show Bio

Is this even a question? Ultimate Spider-man all the way.

#23 Posted by TheCupcakeAvenger (70 posts) - - Show Bio

Ultimate Spider-Man for me. I'm only now collecting the New Avengers TPB volumes and the first volume was amazing but it's Ultimate for me. Still not over Ultimate Peter's death.

#24 Edited by SynCig (887 posts) - - Show Bio

I have read some of both but not nearly enough to form a valid opinion. Therefore I picked the third option. If I had to go off what I have read I would vote for Ultimate Spider-Man. I have read about the same amount of both of these series. I read the first trade of New Avengers and the first Ultimate Collection of Ultimate Spider-Man. At some point, I fully intend to read both of these runs but Ultimate Spidey was super solid so far. I loved the retelling of Peter's origin. I'm not crazy about Ultimate Green Goblin but I loved the stuff with the Kingpin.

Edit: Wow. Should have read the article. I have read the first arcs of both. My vote would have been Ultimate Spidey if I would have just read those few sentences. : P

#25 Posted by SynCig (887 posts) - - Show Bio

I would also like to add that the Bendis Daredevil run would have been a good comparison to Ultimate Spider-Man. His DD is my favorite run for that character and the best Bendis has ever been imo. I'd like to see Bendis back on more street level things. I think that's what his forte is. He seems to excel when he can have a very character driven street level story. I have liked his X-Men stuff so far though.

#26 Posted by Doctor_Malekith (59 posts) - - Show Bio

Ultimate Spider-Man is one of my favorite comic runs of all time. I have every single issue of the series and I'm still reading it today. I couldn't really get into Bendis's Avengers stuff.

#27 Posted by vandinejd_1991 (473 posts) - - Show Bio

I answered New Avengers because I'm just biased towards the fact that it has Cap.

#28 Edited by GraniteSoldier (11206 posts) - - Show Bio

Ultimate Spider-Man for me. Sure it's essentially (at it's core) the same story as 616 Peter, but there was just something about it. There was an updated feeling (of course) but it actually felt real with the characters and their feelings. I guess what I'm getting at is there was such heart behind the story, from start to finish. I felt it was also more grounded, there's a coming-of-age here as Peter is younger longer than he was in 616 and the kids around him are more humanized. Aunt May and Mary Jane are both fleshed out very well, and you see Peter struggle to balance them and his powers. I think the icing of it all is Peter's drastic evolution as a hero, from a rookie to a true hero, who makes the ultimate sacrifice against his greatest enemy. Ultimate Peter's death was just so heart-wrenching, and had real emotional impact. I have to go Ultimate Spider-Man all the way.

#29 Posted by Timotheus316 (172 posts) - - Show Bio

I read some of Bendis' New Avengers and then went back and re-read ones I missed. I read Ultimate Spidey from jump and read about 10 issues. Wasn't pressed to go back and read ones I missed.

#30 Edited by iaconpoint (1382 posts) - - Show Bio

Anytime I see the word "Avengers" and it has nothing to do with the movies, I shudder and move on and Bendis is the main reason for that. He's turned the franchise into a horrible mess. USM on the other hand was pretty great and started a whole new universe that jumped the shark a few years ago, but was still fun for a long time.

#31 Posted by TheManInTheShoe (3996 posts) - - Show Bio

New Avengers

#32 Posted by Crimsonlord53 (1492 posts) - - Show Bio

The ultimate U I'll take it every time.

#33 Posted by zombietag (1611 posts) - - Show Bio

ultimate spider-man stomps avengers any day of the week. still loving it

#34 Edited by danhimself (21281 posts) - - Show Bio

The first arc of Ultimate Spider-man is one of the best Spider-man stories ever! The entire run of Ultimate Spider-man is one of the best Spider-man runs in history! It's also one of the saddest books I've ever read. If you've never read Ultimate Spider-man then you are surely missing out on not only one of the best Spider-man books ever but one for me one of the best comic book stories ever as well and while reading it for the first time while not knowing that Peter is going to die is really great but if you're reading it for the second time (probably the 5th or 6th time for me) and you know that Peter is going to die at the end it really turns into something amazing and one of the saddest books ever written. I really can't recommend this book enough to people. Whether you're a Spider-man fan or if you've never read a Spider-man book before then this book is for you! Seriously! GO READ THIS BOOK!!!!

#35 Edited by The_Titan_Lord (7692 posts) - - Show Bio


#36 Posted by hart7668 (2334 posts) - - Show Bio

Ultimate Spider-Man for sure.

#37 Posted by modunhanul (418 posts) - - Show Bio

Ultimate Spider-man led me into the comic book world.

It's one of the comic book series I enjoyed the most.

#38 Posted by Admiral_IronBeast (177 posts) - - Show Bio

While I prefer the Ultimate Spider-man entire run over the entire New Avengers, Breakout wins. It had more classic moments, and was sooooo freakin' funny

#39 Posted by MasterBelmont (365 posts) - - Show Bio

USM for me. I've never actually read the original books, and I'm voting due to Ultimate COMICS Spider-Man. I read the first two volumes and really liked them, since Miles is a great character and he's got an interesting mythos and family. Also, that's the only Bendis thing I like, since I don't care for him.

#40 Posted by Onemoreposter (4255 posts) - - Show Bio

Ultimate Spider-Man made me a Spider-Man fan. Hell, Ultimate Spider-Man re-invigorated my interest in Marvel Comics on the whole.

#41 Posted by JadenYuki (57 posts) - - Show Bio

@capuga said:

Ultimate Spiderman is my second favorite all time comic run. Classic.

What's you favorite?

I personally always liked the New Avengers more than Ultimate Spidey.

#42 Posted by Fallschirmjager (19788 posts) - - Show Bio

USM arguably the greatest run on the character of all time. (barring the Ultimatum bit)

#43 Posted by frogdog (4037 posts) - - Show Bio

Anytime I see the word "Avengers" and it has nothing to do with the movies, I shudder and move on and Bendis is the main reason for that. He's turned the franchise into a horrible mess. USM on the other hand was pretty great and started a whole new universe that jumped the shark a few years ago, but was still fun for a long time.

#44 Posted by k4tzm4n (39491 posts) - - Show Bio

One more day to vote. Please spread the word and all that.

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