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I decide to make a thread where viners could talk about their favorite comics are for the week, I'll bump this thread once a week on Wednesday so we could continue talking about our favorite comics for the week.

I'd have to say that comic for this week was Savage Wolverine #7. The story was fun, the action was great, and Joe Madueria's art is sublime! I especially loved when Wolverine and Elektra were fighting the Hand, and he described how the animal in him becomes alive during a fight.

What were fellow Viners favorite comic for the week?

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Whoa, I need to catch up on Savage Wolverine.

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Definitely! The story and action is awesome, and Joe Mad's art is as good as ever.

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Justice League of America, but just because it continued on Trinity War, otherwise the overall issue wasn't very good.

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Technically it would be Trinity War part two but I picked up the last three issues of Scarlet Spider and although not technically from this week they were my favorite.

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@lilben42 said:

@wolverine08: You stole my idea! Your... your a stealer!

From those scans, everything looks awesome. Hard to say about the writing from a couple of scans, but I love Zeb Wells' work. But even that inking! And the coloring! Wow. Just wow.

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Alopex's issue in the TMNT Micro-Series. Ross Campbell's art is beautiful.

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Savage Wolverine #7. Definitely Savage Wolverine #7.

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Thor: God of Thunder #10. Great story, great art, great cliffhanger. Just a fantastic issue.

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@wolverine08: After reading those scans I stopped at the LCS and bought 3-7 of Savage Wolverine. I already had the first 2 but for some reason I dropped it. Glad I'm back in thanks for posting those!

As for my favorite this week I have to go with Thor #10. This book continues to deliver with its awesome epicness and I can't get enough. I think it's been my potw the last few months its come out and it is amazing.

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I'm happy you got back to reading Savage Wolverine! It has been f%cking awesome! And Thor #10 was awesome too. Actually the whole of Jason Aaron's Thor run has been phenomenal. It is just incredible how he manages to keep on producing such a great comic consistently month after month. I hope he can keep it up.

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@wolverine08: Liked Savage Wolverine this week too, though I'm a little skeptical about the plot twist. We'll see what Wells does with it next month.

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Trinity war part 3.

Or Batman/Superman if JLD doesn't count

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Favorite comic for me this week had to be Uncanny Avengers #10. Remender finally has got a groove going, and seeing the Four Horsemen haunt Wolverine, Thor, Wonder Man, and Havok all in unique ways was cool. Best issue of Uncanny Avengers so far. Scarlet Spider #19 comes in at a close second for me. Kaine and Wolverine are an awesome team, and the cover was just gorgeous.