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what are your favorite characters from other universes besides DC and Marvel ? here are mine:

Jackie Estacado

Jackie Estacado is many things. First,he was a hitman, and then a don of a crime family. But one thing remaines the same. Jackie is a powerful badass hitman whos life was pretty tought. Raised to be the mafias top assasin,he quickly developt and fitted into the mafia:developing a taste for fast Italian cars, money, nice white business suits, Italian food and culture, and killing. Jackie is the kind of character that makes evil seem cool. Jackie controls the Darkness- one of 2 primal forces of the universe and with it he can create anything from darkness

Sara Pezzini

One of the most powerful and badass women in comics, Sara Pezzini is one heck of a woman. She is as powerful as she is beautiful. Sara wield the Witchblade-an ancient artifact,the offspring of the Darkness (wielded by Jackie Estacado) and the Angelus (wielded by Finch). Sara is a NYPD detective and because of that has sometimes come in conflict with Jackie Estacado,but he is also the father of her daughter,Hope.

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Lol, most of my favs aren't from the Big 2.

Rice Boy: A character with literally no combat ability(he can only run away in a fight) goes on a journey as a would be chosen one that forces him to basically go up against the world. He quickly becomes one of the characters I've most empathized with in all the comics I've read and I really rooted for the little guy as his story came to a close. Seriously, he may not look like much but Rice Boy is one of the most well written characters I've ever seen.

TOE: The One Electronic, an immortal machine man tasked to find the chosen one by the God of his world. A fantastic take on immortal characters who both shows how jaded someone can become after failing a mission so long and yet he still keeps the quiet optimism he needs to continue his seemly unending task.

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Uhhhmmm........ Batman?

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Just comic books?

Optimus Prime



King Ghidorah

I <3 IDW.


Cast of homestuck, especially the beta kids.

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Tony Chu is awesome.

and Yorick Brown (with Ampersand of course)

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Snake eyes and Savage Dragon

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Spider Jerusalem is the best.

My other favorites:

  • Allen
  • Dashiell Bad Horse
  • John Blacksad
  • Tony Chu
  • John Colby
  • Gwen Dylan
  • Abraham Ford
  • Glenn
  • Rick Grimes
  • Dale Horvath
  • Invincible
  • Lincoln Red Crow
  • Abe Sapien
  • Luther Strode
  • Tyreese
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Invincible is pretty cool

Vanguard (although his books are no longer published)





Savage Dragon

Archer (Archer and Armstrong)

Does Grifter count? He wasnt originally DC comics

The Ferret


Hancock even though he has no comic.

Boba Fett

Cade Bane



Eternal Warrior


Turok the Dinosaur Hunter


Radioactive Man (Bongo) I know its strange, but I read his comics ( the few made)

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the entire Valiant Universe



John Prophet (Prophet)

Jackie Estacado


Sara Pezzini

did I mention Spawn?

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X-O Manowar

Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron

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Hellboy and all of the BPRD universe characters.
The Valiant Universe characters all all pretty great too.
All the characters from Saga.
Invincible is pretty cool.

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X-O Manowar. Love that guy.

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Hellboy hands down.

Edit: Also the Ninja Turtles followed by Captain Midnight.

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Ian Nottingham and Jack The Ripper

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Peter Stanchek

Toyo Harada


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I havent really read super much of it but maybe Spawn or Red Sonja.. Or possible one of the dicks from TWD.

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Mikey, Donny, Ralph, and Leo!! The Turtles in a half shell!!

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<Insert Manga Character Here>

for me.

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TMNT, Spawn and Condorito.

Most of DB Universe characters.

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Mikey, Donny, Ralph, and Leo!! The Turtles in a half shell!!

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Waaaaaaaaay to many characters to name. But since he gets littile mentioned one of my favorites will have to be the dude in my avatar Ulic Qel-Droma.

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Mine would have to be spawn, hellboy, and conan

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Alana from saga is my all time favorite character in comics period. I'm in love with her

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The Owl

Black Bat


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@sog7dc said:

Alana from saga is my all time favorite character in comics period. I'm in love with her

Why? 0.o You shouldn't be interbreeding, moony.

EDIT: I could go on forever about awesome indie characters, but I'll name a few that people haven't covered yet:

The Will (and Lying Cat)
All of the clones
Henry Lyme (So mysterious...)
And last but not least, Negan. Such a way with words. (And Lucille) Both awesome villains.