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Who are your favorite Alternate reality heroes?

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spider-carnage isnt an alternate reality character, but i'd have to go with spider-man 2099, or power girl

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Ultimate Hawkeye

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Spider-man 2099 is pretty good cause he's not just Parker in a different time period. All-Star Batman is pretty great too cause he's ''The God Damn Batman".

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1. Spider-Man Noir.

2. Matther Murdoch a.k.a. The Bard (Marvel 1602).

3. Blink (Exiles).

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Ultimate Hawkeye.

Supreme Power Hyperion.

Love Thor Period but if I had to choose my fave alt version it would be Ultimate..although ult. Odin sucks.

Arrows Slade Wilson. Manu is a beast.

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I don't know if it counts but the new Reverse-Flash is pretty cool.