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gotta watch this before i cast my vote but hulk is the guy to beat

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Ugggh it's between Cap, Hulk and Hawkeye

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No love for Thor?

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Hulk! I only wish they used that one other actor because Liv Tyler is hot.

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Tie between Widow and Iron Man. Too early to judge Hulk or Hawkeye

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As for what I've seen so far? (all the movies, all the trailers, and all the footage)

Hulk. Definitely Hulk.

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If we could choose Loki then him but in this case it's really hard to choose most probably Iron Man.

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Iron Man. Thor doesn't appeal to me, Cap is alright but far from the best, I don't care for Scarlett as Natasha, Hawkeye looks cool but seems out of place and a bit useless, and I'm still iffy about how Hulk will be portrayed. Stark, on the other hand, has been pretty much consistently shown as a great character.

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  1. Hulk
  2. Stark
  3. Thor
  4. Titt......i mean Widow
  5. Cap
  6. Bow
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I'll wait till I see the movie to vote.

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I heard Hulk brings the gravy in this movie

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Captain America.

I don't like douchey tony, i dont like bad actress widow, hulk can die forever, seen absolutely nothing from Hawkeye, and thor needs a haircut.

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Cap is my fav. Marvel hero out them all. But I'm most excited about seeing Hulk in this movie.

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The correct answer is Iron Man. 
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Iron Man or Thor

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Hulk stole the show just at the right time.

I first hated the idea of changing the original actor (Edward Norton) for the role but Mark Ruffalo delivered Dr. Banner with conviction.