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Alrighty Fantomex; The mysterious, super cool, faux-french mutant thief. In battle scenarios his name inspires equal parts rapture and dread, recently I lucked out and got to use Fantomex in a tournament here on CV (I lost >.<) but in prep for the tournament I tracked down Fantomex scans, it took a lot of time and during the course of looking I couldn't help but notice how hard it was to find scans of Fantomex's feats.

I've been sitting on these for awhile and their taking up space on my hdd and I thought it'd be cool to compile these in one place for anyone in the future who want's to use him in battles/see what he's capable off I'm gonna post all my scans I have of Fantomex, feel free to add your own scans of anything I might have missed.

New X-Men #128

We see the introduction of Fantomex, some agility showings as he outruns the authorities, his marksmanship and his usage of the sentient bullets, his B&E skills and the fact that his mask is lined with thought proof ceramics

New X-Men #129

Lot of ground to cover for this issue; Fantomex's first usage of misdirection (against the helicopter's), the introduction of E.V.A, Fantomex's ability to preform self hypnosis so he can operate on himself and his second usage of misdirection (against Jean and Professor Xavier, although we won't learn about that till the next issue)

New X-Men #130

Fantomex explains a little about E.V.A being his mutation (one of them anyway), another marksman showing, Fantomex revealing that he misdirected Jean and Xavier and him demonstrating his ability to read body language.

New X-Men #133

Not to much to show here, Fantomex implying he has no scent (he'll confirm this later) and using a brief misdirection on Logan to pull a vanishing act

I'm just getting started but It's late I'll continue tomorrow with a big post.

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Fantomex stole my toothbrush!

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@judasnixon: Lol, doesn't that technically make Fantomex a narcissist? :P Thanks for the contribution.

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Oh for those who don't now, Fantomex is a straight up Gangsta...... 

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New X-Men #144

Fantomex durability showing: after breaking into the Weapons Plus Facility he shugs off an electric shock of a couple hundred thousand volts, stating that he keeps his nervous system outside his body (E.V.A), we also see that he can see through E.V.A's P.O.V but it takes concentration.

New X-Men #145

Cyclops, Wolverine, Fantomex & E.V.A travel to the Weapon's Plus satalite in orbit. Fantomex showing off some stylish marksmanship. E.V.A's scanning capabilities are first shown and Fantomex states that he has a redundant nervous system (it's inferior to E.V.A) in case E.V.A is ever hurt.

New X-Men #150

Fantomex rescues Xavier, with some more marksmanship and demonstrates the unique properties of his sentient bullets against Magneto.

Weapon X #24

Fantomex has a throwdown with Agent Zero and E.V.A demonstrates her scanning abilities again

Weapon X #25

Only one scan here but it's cool: E.V.A shows that she has weapon's and combat abilities also.


Don't have issue numbers for these. Fantomex stating that he can always detect Raven when she's disguised because of his ability to read body language, some banter between them and Fantomex talking about his enhanced senses (in this case his hearing) and E.V.A's ability to block transmissions.

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Uncanny X-Men # 519

Fantomex showing that he can tell when people are lying or telling the truth.

Uncanny X-Men# 520

Fantomex stating that he has no scent.

Uncanny X-Men # 521

Fantomex talking about his nano active blood and E.V.A showing she can interface with computers.

I'll finish this off tomorrow with the rest of his appearances in Uncanny X-Men and X-Force.

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@Sovereign91001: Nice Respect Thread. (•‿•)

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Does he have any durability feats?

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well he was banging psylocke and with two versions of himself so he has my respect for that.

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Uncanny X-Force #5, holds his own against cyborg versions of Cyclops, Elektra, Captain America, The Thing and Spider-Man