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As sad as I am about this, there definitely has been a noticeable drop in quality in the later stories. At first, it kinda felt unnecessary to stay on with the series once the initial main plot/arc had been resolved, but I'm still glad that I did. I'm thankful for the thorough development given to a lot of the characters, some even getting their own spin-offs, while still being able to keep them consistent.

Though this doesn't necessarily spell the end for books about the Fables universe, I'm still gonna miss having a main ongoing plot to follow.

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I am broken about this i love this comic and with the big bad wolf being my child hood favorite it hurts even more, I am thankful that we got what we did and it was amazing and will always be I hope that the story with the cubs is wrapped up brilliantly and bigby comes back with a vengance who knows maybe we will get a spin off with the cubs.