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Hey everyone, I have a new Kickstarter project up and am trying to spread the word. My past projects have gotten some support from a few users here, so I figured I'd come back with my new project! It's called 'El Toxico and the Mosca de Muerte'. You can check out the page here and if you see something you like, check out my reward levels. If you can't help with the fund, these projects are only successful with a large social media reach, even sharing the link or posting on Twitter would help (hashtag #ElToxico). Early on with a campaign, it's important to start strong and with enough early backers, get on the 'Popular' section of the site. To do that I need the support of a variety of people from all over. That's where I am hoping some of you can come in and help a new creator out! Thanks for your time and hopefully a few of you see something you like!