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I've seen the black knight in action and I've seen the SW saga

I was curious about how the ebony blade would fare against a lightsaber

sorry if i posted this in the wrong forum, don't know exactly where to put it.

anyhow, opinions?

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The ebony blade can cut through any material at all, and since the plasma at the blade of the lightsaber is a material I would guess that the ebony blade would go right through the lightsaber. Plus, nowhere in the star wars saga does it say that lightsabers can cut through anything.

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@daviegourevitch: Superdense metals stop lightsabers.

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taking what daviegourevitch stated ill aslo add the was a blade in the SW universe that can disrupt a lightsaber blade so it fizzes out temporarily , so i can see the ebony blade doing this exact thing .

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It's possible. Don't think it would go through a lightsaber, but it would probably stop a lightsaber blade.