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Hello guys, so I'm sort of new to comics, and I've never really understood this, Earth Two and Earth One thing; are they different universes or so?

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@techwarrior: Yes, they are alternate universes that happen to feature the same characters from mainline DC in different situations. At least currently.

Waaaaaaaaay back when before crisis Earth 1 and Earth 2 were the main universes that DC used for their cannon stories.

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Earth One was the main DCU where characters never aged.

Earth Two was the universe that would have been had the characters that appeared in the Golden Age (Supes, Bats, JSA, etc) all aged at normal speed and got married, had kids, retired, etc.

Earth Two was folded into Earth One with CoIE. Most things were destroyed, but some characters like Power Girl and the members of JSA and Infinity Inc were incorporated into the New Earth continuity.

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@rdclip: @decoy_elite: So like, Power Girl = Supergirl? Anyway thanks guys, just one more question what was the point of this and which is more popular? Thanks again.

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@techwarrior: I can't say for certain what the point was, but it did allow characters like Superman and Batman to be both active in the past going back to WWII and, following real time, still be around until '85 when Earth 2 was destroyed.

Earth One was without a doubt more popular, almost all DC's monthly series' were set in Earth One. I may be mistaken, but the only series monthies set in Earth Two right before Crisis was Infinity Inc and All-Star Squadron.

Earth Two was also central to the plot of Infinte Crisis when Earth Two Superman returns.