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Dynamite is teaming-up with NBC to bring back the world of Heroes. Cullen Bunn (VENOM, FEARLESS DEFENDERS) will work with the publisher for the first time to expand the show's universe. Bunn will continue storylines for the characters who were still around after the fourth season of the show wrapped up back in 2010.

Bunn says he was a big fan of the show when it first aired and he's excited about the opportunity. "I was drawn to a cast of characters with interesting back stories and development, a setting boiling over with potential, and -- of course -- the exploration of superpowers in a 'real' world scenario. With this book, I have the opportunity to contribute to the mythology of the series in a way that will surprise readers." Additionally, the writer promises he'll "shake up the Heroes storyline in a major way" and believes no one is expecting what he has planned for the key cast of characters.

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The show was CRAP after season 1, but I might give it a try.

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Poop yes! Awesome! I'm totally gonna have to drop a book to get this though...

#thisrocks! #awesomesauce!

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Think this may work out well. A lot of problems from early seasons were their budget and not being able to do some of the big super powered fights fans hoped to have seen (especially with Seylar). Also they can at least split up stories a bit and make it feel less convoluted.

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This could be good. Bunn has been doing great on Venom, and Heroes was good for some time.

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I'll buy it! As long as it still has a Heroes feel.

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The last season was horrible.

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I'm going to be giving this a shot for sure. I loved season 1 and season 2. Went downhilll after that IMO.

When is this going to be released?

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"Save the cheerleader, save the world!"

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the last season of heroes defiantly went a direction that they should of rethought but I always felt it deserved another chance so I will check this out.

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Nathan is dead so I don't care about Heroes anymore but if he came back I'd change my mind.

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I loved Heroes, I really did. But they just need to let it die. The show ended in disgrace, and even when it was at its best it was still just the X-Men. Seeing as we already have like 20 different X-Men series as it is, there is no need for this series.

I've never read any of Bunn's work. I hear good things. But it really doesn't matter what caliber of writer they get for this series because it would be a waste of their talents. Just as Alan Moore writing a comic continuation of Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch would be an egregious waste of his talent.

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season 1 and 2 were so good 3 and 4 were painful to watch

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I remember the first season being so awesome everything having purpose and the characters developing , all likable and had a solid conclusion where everyone was used great.

then season 2 explained some things that were introduced as subplots in the first season and went into detail about the early lives of the characters and more secrets revealed. but the ending was lackluster

Then season 3 came......yaaaa

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I wonder how the comic will fix some nonsense of the last season. Just sayin

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I was just thinking the other day how Heroes should get a Season 5 comic series. Lots of shows are getting comic seasons. About time Heroes got one!

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@madeinbangladesh said:

The show was CRAP after season 1, but I might give it a try.

THIS! ^^^^^^^^^ !!!!!!

Seriously I think if the show ended after the first season, it would have been EPIC! Peter just needed to send Nathan away at the last minute and make the ultimate sacrifice and it would have been sad but awesome.

But a whole arc for Hiro and countless legion build-ups followed by immediate and somewhat lackluster dismantlement,random team-ups that just didn't work on TV, and sparkly Ando...killed the show...(okay maybe not Ando)

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cheerleader time!!! cant wait

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Eh...I dunno, I kinda stopped caring about the show once Sylar tried to reform, and they went to the circus.

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yes....Yes......YES!.....OMG YES!

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I enjoyed the show through the first half of season 3, with the "Villains" story. But the story really fell apart toward the end. The circus story was so dumb and Nathan's death so contrived that when it got canceled, I couldn't feel that disappointed. I just wish Milo Ventimiglia could move on and get another steady gig already haha.

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Jeez, I can barely even remember a lot of the characters anymore, let alone who was still around when that show ended. It fizzled out big time.

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TV show was hot trash, but on the bright side there's no way the comic won't be better.

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not very interested since the show started getting bad for me after a while... but I know some friends who might like this

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I think this series has promise. No way it can be worse than the last season.

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My scenario for ending the show. Sylar gets into a battle with many of the heroes and is holding his own. Sylar takes Ando's power and supercharges all of his own. Sylar defeats everyone except Hiro.

Hiro stops time. Grabs Sylar. Teleports into the heart of the sun, destroying himself. Sylars ultracharged healing power keeps him burning in eternity.

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Eh...I dunno, I kinda stopped caring about the show once Sylar tried to reform, and they went to the circus.

agreed. yeah the last season sucked so much. they had Sylar a got with mutilple abilities, Peter a guy who can copy people powers, and Hiro a guy who can control time and space against some guy who can manipulate rock -_- Overkill much.

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@avantar: Or Claire stabs him in the back of his head. Then put his dead body in a coffin 50 feet underground.

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Just let it die already! Heroes should have finished after Season One which, frankly, doesn't really even hold up after six and a bit years.

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The only good season was the first.

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I'm glad to see this resurface. I had a blast, all 4 seasons. I don't think Season 4 was as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It's just that the major plots and subplots of the first 3 seasons were done, and it was basically starting over. That made it feel a little weird, but it wasn't a bad story.

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I'm totally not gonna pick this up!

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no.... im not sure...
After season 1 it was all just plain bad

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@john_valentine: Um Heroes Season 1 is one of the greatest shows of all time still.

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I loved the show so I'll try it sure. Finished show series into comics seems to be a good fad going on...Smallville is pretty awesome right now for instance! Would love to see how Bunn approaches this.

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