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How do you decide what series to drop and then picking another comic to fill in the void? Also what if you have to choose between 2 awesome comic series to purchase after you stop buying 1 comic and then pick up another? I can only buy up to 6 series, maybe 7 at the most. I was buying 2 Marvel series but 1 of them ended and the rest are Batman series. I'm buying the 4 main Batman comics plus Red Hood and the outlaws but I also want to buy some of the new Marvel Now titles that interest me. What advice do you offer me?

Also sorry if this was confusing and disorganised.

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Unless you're a serious Batman collector, I'd maybe suggest cutting back on your Batman comics. Perhaps drop two? You could maybe start buying certain series not every month, but when there's a story arc going on that you're particularly interested in. If there are any that you like less than others, they should be the first to go. If you've been buying from issue 1, I'd be inclined to keep collecting as long as possible, but if you've jumped in at another point, maybe just jump out at the end of the story arc.

If there are characters you really like in the Marvel Now titles, I would consider dropping some Batman, If you want a variety of characters every month. Which Marvel title are you currently getting, and which Marvel Now titles are you looking at?

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I noticed some comics cost 3.99 while others 2.99... personally I see myself being very inclined to avoid the 3.99'ers unless it was a must-read for me. Adding an extra dollar seems to presume that I will buy the comic regardless, as if DC/Marvel is dictating to me which comics I want the most. I actually feel a bit dirty for getting an issue of All-New X-Men when I came home and realized it's 3.99.

It reminds me of Uncharted for Playstation Vita costing 50 dollars instead of 40. The price discrepancy is a good way to take a product I am merely interested in (not drooling over) and just killing my interest. When Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified came out and cost 50, it became apparent that the price reflected nothing about the product other than having a big name attached.

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I drop series when they no longer hold my interest...the last book I remember dropping was adjectiveless X-men when I noticed that it was Wednesday and it was the only book still on my "to read pile" and the two issues before it were right underneath it...so I picked it up and tried to read it and realized I didn't remember what happened before those issues...that was when I decided it was time to drop it

I don't necessarily rush to find another book to fill a dropped book's void...plus I don't really limit myself to a certain amount of books either...I just read the books that I like and if I hear good things about a book then I'll check it out....like I kept on seeing Inferiorego raving about Saga and I know that we have similar tastes so I checked it out

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I don't drop titles too often even after they deteriorate in quality a bit because I enjoy having large complete runs of series.