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First off let me explain my situation. I own a business with a lot of down time. Im in front of the computer a lot, and honestly if it I didn't I would have never discovered Comicvine which I am on ....................EASILY...................daily, but more like 5 times a day. Anyway. Someone on here told me about HTML comics. A website where there was a HUGE amount of comics to read digitally. With the free time I had I was like a FUCKING CRACK HEAD. I don't think there were any books more recent then 5 months. Anyway. Because I own a business and I have bills, my comic budget was at it's peak. I started reading books I didn't own and because of it I tripled my budget. No lie. I bought a lot of trades because I need to own. HTML worked out that I now read way more books then I had before. It worked backwards for me. One thing it did was make my choices easier. All the books that I wanted to pick up that I didn't because I got sick of buying books that sucked and me skeptical, it let me weed thru the ones I missed out on. Bittorrentz are a similar situation. I have to own. I just do. I re-read so many books it's not funny. Then DC came out with 52 NEW books. FUCK THAT!! I don't have the cash to buy 52 books for at least 3 or 4 months just to check them out and see what's good. Also DC is not stupid. Most of these books are 6 month into stories so I have to get all of them before making my choice. Great idea by the way DC, brilliant. Anyway. I bought what I usually buy (a lot) and downloaded the rest. I now buy more books then my previous budget. It help out hugely. My question is this tho. Sure downloading is bad, I don't agree with it, but with the price of books at the price they are. Is it bad to download books JUST to see if they are good or not. I don't think so. I think it helps. I'm wondering what you people think.

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Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight want to watch the f-bombs.

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Yeah, no. You can check them out in the store or read reviews. It's near impossible to justify torrenting. I've got an even more limited budget(high school student, no regular job, soon to be a college student), and even I don't torrent.

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you've been on the site long enough to know that you shouldn't be swearing like that...flagged

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@ZombieBigfoot said:

Yeah, no. You can check them out in the store or read reviews.

Some comic shops don't allow you to read their books in the store.

@goldenkey: The profanity and piracy talk just got you a warning.

Refrain from it in the future. Thanks.