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I was thinking about this while picking up the new Ravagers comic. In my opinion, its one of the worst team names I've seen since Youngblood.

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Never cared for the name Rocky, turned out to be a good movie.

I thought Sphere by Michael Crichton was a lame title, and the cover looked dull, but it was actually a good book.

If the story is good I'm sure people will pick it up, but it wouldn't surprise me if folks decide not to check something out because a title doesn't suit their taste.

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No. Not at all. The only thing I'm concerned with regarding comics is the creative team. The only relevance the title of the book has is in making sure I'm picking up the right comic.

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I think good names help sell books ( I've seen alot of people come into my local comic shop and pick up The Dark Knight just because of the title. I usually tell them it sucks and recommend Batman or Batman and Robin, sometimes they listen, sometimes they don't. So I don't see why a bad name wouldn't work in the same way. For example, Space Punisher is an awful name for a comic, but when you read that it's just a story about Punisher infiltrating the Avengers space station, it sounds a little less stupid......a little.

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not exactly but a good comic title will sell more.

War machine had a book and it was named iron man 2.0

smallville has one right now and is it named smallville season 11

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I dunno. I was planning on skipping The Massive, but just picked it up because the art was very nice looking. I still don't like the name.

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No unless of course it was a really long idiotic name such as, "Super alpha power squad omega ranger force jungle super team kill super children super awesome drink dupy their insane crimson hot nectar and god be super forever ninja youthful Super." ... Actually I'd read it.

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For a lot of guys, the title isn't much of a big factor. But it still is a factor to the sales. Why? "Judge a book by its cover" means squat to some people.. Unfortunately, this kind of mentality is slowly becoming the mainstream. I'm talking about products as a whole though. For comic fans, this ain't much of a biggie. Cover art has a higher effect in terms of "shallow judging" IMO.

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Ravages isn't a bad name

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Yes names are very very important . I wouldn't look twice at a book called Superduper strong person in spandex. ... Well maybe for a laugh.. But tue title gives you a mental image of what to expect. If the title sound dumb and cartoony I would have no interest in even trying to read it but if it sounds powerful and exiting then I want to read it. This probably doesn't affect most long established characters now a days because you already know what comics are about and have an idea of what to expect. Fish-guy' probably would never have lasted as long as Namor and Aquaman have. You really only need look back at some of the old golden age comics and see how generic most of the titles sounded and see why they did so poorly. This is a big reason I've never been able to be a complete DC fan. Corny generic names and way to colorful of costumes for my taste .

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slap the name Batman on it and you'll sell thousands regardless of quality

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@joshmightbe: you can put the batman logo on a toilet and make it cool. oh wait

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@KainScion: actually that is pretty awesome

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It's hard to take a character named Night Thrasher seriously no matter how the book is

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I think it's problematic that it's called The Ravagers and yet Rose Wilson aka Ravager is merely the bad guy. They stole her damn title.