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read through a thread about superman needing one. got curious as to whaat you guys think

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As I said with Superman, Thor and Martian Manhunter, No. Also if you're looking for characters that need a power reduction why haven't you brought up the guy on your profile pic?

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I agree with you. I don't think any character needs a power reduction. I think if anything they need better writers. u think goku needs a power reduction?

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@sog7dc: No I don't think he needs a power reduction just saying that if you're bringing everyone else in Superman's league power wise its only fair to bring them all up.

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No, if surfer needs anything its his own book.

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That's a random question. Anyway, no! I hate it when new writers nerf old characters. I hate it. Ugh. I'm getting bad Avengers Assemble comic flashbacks.

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What he needs is some serious power definition. I've always found cosmic power sets to be very vague.

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If anything I just wish writers were more consistent on characters' power levels so as to reduce PIS as small as possible.