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Poll: does it matter to you if your favorite superhero lookes like you? (38 votes)

no 53%
yes 13%
i never thougth about it 34%

i ones saw my cousin running around in a wonder woman costume. and i asked her why she was dressed up like wonder woman?she answerd back because shes my favorite superhero.and then i asked.why?she answerd.because she lookes just like me.not too mention she was a 7 year old girl. but still does it matter to you?

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I never thought of it. Never cared.

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Nope, but most of my favorite heroes look similar.

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My favorite heroes are white males whereas I am a black female so it isn't a major issue for me though I still advocate for more diversity so that there are more options and fairness. however If i were to ever dress up as a comic character I would feel uncomfortable dressing up as someone that is different from me because I don't want to face ridicule or be stared at.

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None of my favorite characters look like me, a few supporting cast guys look similar. I'm told I look kind of like Deadpool's buddy weasel just with less hair.

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It's more so I *wish* I looked like my favorites. :)

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@vhyra: now thats for certain i wish i looked like superman

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@vhyra: I wish I had Batman's bank account so its a similar feeling.

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If I cared that my favorite superhero was like me then that would make me devilishly handsome, incredibly muscular, witty and charming................................................................granted I am all of those things but the thought still never crossed my mind!


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Haha, nope. If I liked my characters by how much they look like me, Foggy Nelson would be my favorite character of all time.

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i Don't care.

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I answered no, but man I would love to look like superman or nightwing. They kinda look the same sometimes.

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No..and I don't care.

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How many comic book readers are big buff in shape dudes with abs of steel?

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usually not. but if can relate to them and picture myself in their shoes in anyway then it definitely helps to immerse myself in the characters story. tbh i'd say i have my tim drakes haircut in my avatar.

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My favorite hero is Rocket Raccoon and I'm about 98% sure I am not a raccoon.

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That's a weird question. No, I guess but I've never thought of it.

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Nah, I don't really have a good superhero look going for me anyway.

Plus design wise I prefer characters that look interesting, and I look like the opposite of interesting.

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Apparently I look somewhat like Heath Ledger to some people (even though I'm quite young) and jokers my favourite, so... It's kinda awesome.

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Most of my favorite heroes are women. Generally attractive women. And they're predominately not brunette with hazel eyes. Visually I would make an awful superhero, haha.

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@vhyra said:

It's more so I *wish* I looked like my favorites. :)

@lifeofvibe said:

@vhyra: now thats for certain i wish i looked like superman

@joshmightbe said:

@vhyra: I wish I had Batman's bank account so its a similar feeling.

I wish had Superman's looks, and Batman's bank account.

I'd be set for life. :)

EDIT: Kind off a weird question...

I never really thought about it, so I never really cared. But I can't pick two so I'll just go with no.

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Never thought about it and not that I do no I doesn't matter. What could matter is if they have the same values or beliefs that I do something like that does matter to me.

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Now that I think about it. I look like captain America before the super soldier syrum or kickass.

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I suppose if I shave, trimmed my hair... worked out, I'd look a little like Nightwing. Really, though, the thought never occurred to me.

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I wish I looked like Superman. Power Girl ... not so much.

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Thou does not look like Thor, Sentry or Wonder Man.