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Does it disappoint you when your favorite character doesn't get any Games,Movies,Shows,Animated movies or anything new besides the comics?Or are you fine it just stays relevant with the comics?

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I'm good. Wolverine has movies, games, been in cartoons, and great comics! I'm more than satisfied.

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To be honest im abit Pi**ed that Dr Strange is a shadow of his former self.

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I do wish Thor would get a good game but a lot of my favorites already have everything you mentioned in the OP

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@joshmightbe: There's been Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1&2 and Not to mention Marvel Heroes which are steady coming out with many heroes for the Marvel Universe,unless these don't exceed your expectations for your ideal Thor game.

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I really don't have anything to ask for. G.I. Joe has movies, video games, toy lines, cartoon series, and comic books.