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I find it weird that he has skipped art on both issue #12 and #18 where Harper was the main focus. And soon Scott and Greg will be the start the Zero Year arc, I doubt there will be any Harper in that.

Then again she might pop up in issue #19 & #20 but I doubt that too. What do you guys think?

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I seriously doubt he cares. Artists need money far more than they need to stick to some strange principle like that.

I'm not an artist. I hate Harper Row.

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@End_Boss: I don't know what mean by that..

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I think it is just coincidence; he drew her other appearances without any complaint. Her character can only be afforded a starring role in the books outwith Batman's major arcs. That's when Capullo takes his breaks. Twelve came after Night of the Owls, and eighteen after Death of the Family. I suspect DC would like Capullo's art to feature consistently in the trades, so that's why he does not take his breaks mid-arc. It's an editorial decision.

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@Saranth: I forgot to add it to the forum, that it could have been a coincidence.

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@ccraft: I don't know how I could be more clear. Even if Capullo doesn't like Row, I seriously doubt he would turn down the money drawing the issue would bring in based solely on that dislike.

I hate Harper Row.

I just said the same thing twice, two different ways.