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Does anyone hope they release a Spider-Man 2099 series? & If they were to announce a new Spider-Man 2099 series, who would you want to be working on the title? I would love to see this character have his own ongoing series again. How about you guys and gals? Would you want to see this character have his own series?

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Honestly, the whole thing felt very... 90s. They haven't aged well, for the most part. The entire thing would need to be overhauled. Personally, I've never been a big fan of 2099.

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I think a lot of people, especially on here, would want a Spider-Man 2099 series again. He seems to be a huge fan favorite so he'd probably sell decently. I personally am indifferent to it because my only experience with him is in Slott's current SSM book (I've read wikis about his past stories but never read them personally) but since it's a Spidey book, I'd pick it up.

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Good? and maybe Slott should write it? 13