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I thought I should bring this up because everyone I have talked to say they absolutely love Arrow... First of all it's on CW, cheesy writing on all CW shows. Second, Stephen Amell is so plain. It wasn't until around episode 13 where he seemed to be more confident in the role but even so his acting continued to be terrible. Third, bad cast - the chick who plays Thea goes overboard and I hate how obvious it is that they put her on the show just to have a reason to deal with the same teenage crap we've had to sit through a million times before... The dude who plays Roy tries too hard to be "bad" and Laurel is like a puppy dog and has the most ridiculous parts... I could go on but I don't have the energy to. Look, the reason I actually continued (and will continue) to watch this show is because Green Arrow was one of the comic-book heroes I followed since I was young and I hope in the future that the series will get better. To be honest, as cheesy as Smallville was back in Season 1, it was actually more interesting than this. I thought I should also mention an article I read about an hour ago - Stephen Amell said that he thinks Green Arrow has a chance to "be up there" with Robert Downey Jr... Seriously? Smallville and Arrow have boosted GA's recognition for sure but the one thing that they haven't done is pulled off the character. I really wish they cast someone else on the show.

Does anyone else have any problems with the show?

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The first 75% of the season was filled with hate and only a little love. The last 25% was jaw-dropping awesomely amazing and I was glad I kept watching. I have no problems with the show anymore, but I used to share a similar perspective to yours. It's improved exponentially.

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Of course you have to remember that, like most other shows, the first seasons tend to be the ones where they try to find their feet, and usually it gets better.

I agree that the character of Thea is pointless, as her story/problems seem so stupid in comparison to what goes on in the show in the bigger picture.

But as @sagejonathan said, the show has improved a lot as more episodes have been released, but I could do with a little less of the soap opera.

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I like the show a lot but they do need to kill off Thea seriously

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When Manu came on and Felicity was introduced as a member of the team, the show became awesome. I always liked it though.