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...stay the same or change? I'm impressed by some on here who say "such and such is my 7th favourite character", coz I seem to change my mind depending on what mood I'm in! For example, two months ago, Batman was no.2 in my list and is now about 7th! Having loved Thor God of Thunder and the current Flash v Reverse Flash story, however, these two characters have currently rocketed into my top 3. Superman is always in my top 3, but the other positions change. Anyone else have this problem?

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My very Top usually stay consistent but other characters i like go up and down on my list, for example i grew up loving scot summers, as of late..... he finds himself considerably lower on my list.

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Yah they change spots depending on how good the series is.

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Comic book characters are always changing depending on the writer and artist, its near impossible to say your favorite considering the the majority of the them are hardly who they began as.

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Definitely, change. As a WHOLE, yeah. Magneto is nearly always in my top 3. But he got a serious powerdown... But when it comes to certain things like street leveler heroes, I'm usually consistent.

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Yes definitely spiderman was no.3 re-read some green lantern now I prefer green lantern and I can't decide who I prefer superman or green lantern :/

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1. Wolverine

2. Batman

3. Daredevil

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My top 3 always changes around. Though I stick with Spider-Man, Batman and Deathstroke more times than not.

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Spidey will always be my number one.

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Yes and No. My top 5 favorite people are always: Batman, Deathstroke, Lobo, Deadpool, and Raven. And they will probably always be my top 5 favorite people. But one day Batman may be my favorite character while another day Lobo or Deathstroke are my favorite characters. Depends on how good the comics/movies/games/TV Shows are.

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I am a list person and it comes naturally to put things in order. My Top Ten has been the same for a long time now - Favorite Heroes & Villains.

  • Wolverine
  • Rorschach
  • Hellboy
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Silver Surfer is always my number one.

Black Bolt and Spider Man can switch as my number 2 or 3

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  1. Batman
  2. Wolverine
  3. Hulk
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  1. Captain America
  2. Batman (Terry McGinnis)
  3. Wild Tiger (from Tiger & Bunny)
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Batman, Hunter Zolomon, Red Hood, Master Chief, Scorpion (MK). It fluctuates.

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I'm pretty sure these for me won't ever change

1. Deadpool

2. Cable

3. Bruce Banner/Hulk

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1.) Green Hornet

2.) John Constantine

3.) Phantom Stranger

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They stay the same.

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They change slightly. Batman is always on top, though.

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Mine tend to change, right now it's Hulk, Daredevil and Batman.

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Batman and Captain America will always stay in my top three. The others change depending on the quality of what I'm reading. After all, it's the writing that makes a great character, not the character itself.

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I'd say my top 3 specifically don't change, but beyond that there is definitely rotational value if I was ranking them.

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Spidey and Bats will always be my favorite. Everything else tends to change

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Deadpool has consistently stayed as my #1 favourite comic character. The other spots change far too frequently though.

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if we are talking about comic book characters then my top 3 are ALWAYS the same and they will NEVER change
1) Batman
2) Wolverine
3) Spider-Man

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My top three:


Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman and Superman trade places here and there but never leave my top three. After that I don't even have them ranked.

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Yep...my top 3 tend to change...but it tends to centre around a handful of characters: Hal Jordan, Batman, Superman and Barry Allen

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Silver Surfer is always my number one.

Black Bolt and Spider Man can switch as my number 2 or 3

You have exquisite taste my friend!

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Captain America, Batman and Tony Chu

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@bezza said:

@norrinboltagonprime21 said:

Silver Surfer is always my number one.

Black Bolt and Spider Man can switch as my number 2 or 3

You have exquisite taste my friend!

Likewise! :)

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Guts is always #1 two and three usually changes from now an again right now it's Bruce Banner and Zetman

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They mix around a little bit but tend to be fairly consistent. The top six stay strong in their hierarchy.

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Did anyone read the OP? Or are you guys just listing your top 3?

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The top 3 remain the same. Everyone else changes by order of likeability.

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all time favorites as in the characters who've given me the most entertainment and I am mostfond of and nostalgic about; Spiderman#1 batman/captain america tied.

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...and no my top 3 never change. maybe my favorite to read at that time but I'll always love those characters the most.

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The number 3 spot always shifts a lot

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  1. Superman always 1
  2. Batman always 2
  3. There isn't an order
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spider-man, batman, luke cage.