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I was thinking about this just now, Captain Atom can absorb radiation, so if given the chance, what would really stop him from absorbing all the gamma radiation that turns Banner into Hulk? (and yes I know Banner and Hulk are now separate, but talking old school Hulk)


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Silver Surfer did it, Captain Atom can too

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he definitly can absorn rad from him, but i'm not sure if on the level to depower him.

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Yes, he should be able to...

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Might be neat to see if they ever do a new Marvel vs DC

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Depends on which incarnation of Hulk, Atom could draw power out of him, but not depower him because, Hulk is the "Incarnate of Power with no finite elements"

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Atom should be able to.

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@JediXMan said:

Atom should be able to.

I really think so too, not a slight on the Hulk, but Atom is probably one of the few that could pull a stunt like this off

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No reason he shouldn't be able to

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Well, most people probably don't know how the Hulk's powers actually work, so just lets get this straight
He gets his power from some unknown dimension. From it he gets mass, bones, tissues, energy, all what makes hima Hulk. It is in his official bio

Notice how it is said  "presumably extra-dimensional".
We all know that in Secret Wars #8 Beyonder said that Hulk's power was infinite, had no finite element and resembled himself actually.
This is not a glorify Hulk thread or anything but seriously, I'm very interested what is such a dimension that allows Hulk to
- punch through timestorms, dimensions, destroy cosmoses
- break the "unbreakables" like Adamantium, Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, Flame of Life which was created by Deviants to fight Gods and Celestials, forcefields of Doom, Collector, Onslaught's armor and others
- performing ridiculous feats of strength like resisting anti-matter attraction, punching asteroids, lifting mountains
- being able to see astral projections, grasping pure energy, being unaffected by intangibility, magic, etc..

There are other ridiculous feats of Hulk that I have in my collection, I can support scans for any if you ask
But there is one thing here
Surfer says its inter-dimensional. So extra or inter ?
There is another interesting scan here
Notice the last part about "walking nexus of reality".
It's pretty interesting, you see, whenever Hulk transforms back to Banner the energy and mass returns to that dimension. Gamma rays and anger seem to somewhat transfer the flow of energy from that source. 
So could that dimension be the ultimate source of unlimited power seeing how even beings from beyond found no limit to it ?   
So as concluded: 

The answer is No 

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Um it says his physical mass comes from another dimension, not his energy.

Hulk became a "Nexus Of Reality" do to being split into two during Onslaught, one half residing in the Heroes Reborn Universe, the other in 616. That was resolved and wasn't his actual state of being nor source of his powers. This meant he was the bridge between the two worlds, much as Man-Thing is between worlds.


Anyways he was drained by Surfer, by Red Hulk, and by Starks laser (modified by MODOK) coupled with Sentry during World War Hulk, so yes, Atom could probably pull it off if he has no limit to what he can draw.

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@CATPANEXE_REBORN: Thank you for continuing to be the voice of accuracy Catpan!

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No, his extra-energy comes from another dimension. Notice, (and I'm sure everyone has noticed this) that when Hulk is Bruce Banner, he radiates unnoticeable traces of Gamma Radiation? Notice how when he transforms into the Hulk, he emits so much that it triggers as a beacon that even turns heads from beings light-years away? Radiation Levels don't just magically appear out of nowhere, but in Hulk's case this is an exception. That's because anger is the trigger of causing the access gamma signature to open and widen as his anger increases which allows a water fall of that extra power to flow in him which thus increases his mass, density and therefore his every aspect of strength. Notice how every time he transforms back into Banner, these "doors" close and all that radiation becomes zero and untraceable. As though, he were almost human again. 
That scan was taken out of context so so much for accuracy:     

 The scan above is from Hulk Vol 1 issue #250
Banner wanted Surfer to drain his powers to save him being the monstrous Hulk but it was futile the two tries. The 1st time, Surfer drains the power and uses the power of Hulk to destroy the cosmic barrier around Earth. Banner turns back into Hulk. Surfer tries it again, Hulk turns into Banner again and falls down onto Earth. Well, eventually he turns back into the Hulk again, so there is no definite way to PERMANENTLY take all his powers. 
However, what about the other 9 times Hulk and Surfer fought? Yes, they fought about 11 times within the 5 decades, maybe more. 
Why couldn't Surfer simply "Turn off" his powers then? 
Well, I know why; That's because unlike Hulk Vol 1 #250; Banner did not want Surfer to absorb his powers... And even if Surfer could, he wouldn't be able to complete siphon the entire dimension of Hulk supposedly unlimited energy. Surfer never once showed that he can completely absorb the full spectrum including the physical matter of a galaxy let alone an entire universe -So how is he to absorb the full aspect of an entire dimension with supposedly unlimited energy that is unknown to the Power Cosmics? 
This is more detective work than it is simply of reading up on scans that can be placed out of context and then calling it 100 percent accuracy, however; due to the 11 + times they've fought, clearly Surfer can not simply steal Hulk's power unless he was willing.
So my answer still stands as No, Captain Atom can not simply depower Hulk.

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Sure why not.

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@jloneblackheart said:
Silver Surfer did it, Captain Atom can too
Does that mean you think SS and CA are at similar power levels?
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Yes, Cap can depower hulk easily

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he has been drained multiple times and each time it eventually comes back whether he walks in to a radiation filled area, or just over time but he always returns to the hulk. It is just a semi-long term solution. Technically i would think if he jsut got drained every couple months or once a year he could probably live a pretty normal life.

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@jloneblackheart said:
Silver Surfer did it, Captain Atom can too
Does that mean you think SS and CA are at similar power levels?
Don't know much about Captain Atom, but I would say they might be on par considering the powers CA has, but the Surfer can do much more as I understand it.

And for the record, when I CA could "depower" the Hulk, I mean turn him back into Banner. I don't mean he could remove the Hulk from Banner indefinitely. But unless there is some resistance the Hulk has I don't know about, either should be able to rip him apart on a molecular level.
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Your arguements are invalid.

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Yes. Definitely

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I should think he could depower Hulk. Particularly the New 52 version.

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No. According to Doctor Strange, Hulk is channeling energy from a pocket universe. So much energy in fact it will eventually kill Hulk and the entire universe.

See: http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_super/13/136540/3113661-2634678879-29795.jpg

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Not all versions

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I don't see why not.

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Maybe he can try something like this on Hulk.

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Probably as easy as Silver Surfer.

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New 52 Atom can.