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Hi Everyone.

Just wondering if anyone owns every single comic issue that a particular character has appeared in, and who has the most?

The only ones I have that I know of are Mindwarp(5) and Tanga(12). Easily beatable I imagine.

So who do you have? :)


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Aside from one-shot characters, I don't think so.

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John Constantine (Vertigo)

Random comic stores+Internet FTW.

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I wish. Haven't been reading comics long enough. I feel like you really need to make a conscious effort and pick a less popular charater to do this. One would have to work so hard for those popular characters who appear in multiple solo titles and/or team books and crossovers. In which case it'd be more work than fun for me.

I've thought about collecting Nightwing's issues as he's been around for not too long and in which case might be doable. But there's still plenty of titles he's appeared in besides his solo title so I might never bother.

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What we should really do is list popular (but not too much) characters who this might be doable for.

Anyone have suggestions?

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Nooooooooooo. I haven't been reading comics long enough.

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Well, not every single appearance, but I have most appearances of Rose Wilson. All of her significant ones (where she doesn't just make a cameo), at least, even the ones from way back in the early 90's, including her first ever appearance (those took a long time to track down). That's over 100, at least.

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@extremis: Yeah, I think it would only be characters with a small number of appearances that you could accidentally own all of.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone on here has all of Damian Waynes issues.

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I own everything Grant Morrison has ever realeased, including old shorts. As well as all of Brandon Grahams work and ALMOST every Dave Johnson cover.

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When the last issue of Savage Hawkman comes out, then I will own every issue of that series. And so far I own every issue of Flash from the New 52.

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Skaar, Rockslide and X-23

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I want to get some but its quite a task.

( + )

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I own the whole Catwoman v3 series. Loved that series, even the worst issues are 5x better than the crap written for Catwoman now.

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I own all the issues with Alpha in them! /try hard.

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I'd say I own every issue of Battle Chasers, but let's be honest, nobody does. #nopenotbitternotme

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Yes and no. I own every Ultimate Spider-Man comic..but they're all in collected edtions.

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I have every issue of every series of swamp thing, excluding the very first series.

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Nightwing, but mostly digitally except for issues 137 on

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Mark Hazzard , 2099 (not counting that new stuff after 2099: Manifest Destiny, unfortunately missing Spidey's run in the Exiles, but I read them in trade.) and I'm sure I have one or two others I haven't pulled from there boxes for awhile.

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Erm, I suppose the entire New 52 Batwoman run, if you count that.

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Every single appearance of Lobo.

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I have every appearance of some Wildstorm characters mainly because they only appeared in les than 30 issues. I have every appearance of the Planetary crew, Automatic Kafka, and most of the cast of Wildcats 3.0

............... I miss Wildstorm :(

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I've got every appearance of Joelle's <__<

And have read every X-23 appearance (save for Avengers Academy & Arena)

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I'd imagine it would be easier for minor or newer characters, but it would be nuts to collect every single Cap comic and appearance ever. Aside from being a colossal waste of money, I don't want to own issues I won't enjoy.

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@fodigg said:

I'd say I own every issue of Battle Chasers, but let's be honest, nobody does. #nopenotbitternotme

I feel the pain you are feeling, I think he said he might finish it at one point though.

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Superman, Batman, and Spider-man.

Come at me.

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Ragdoll (sadly, not a large collection)

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Yeah, I have every issue where Alysia appears.

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Yes, I do. I own every issue New 52 Topo has apeared in. :P

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@mercy_ said:

save for Avengers Academy

Sorry to hear that.

@mercy_ said:

& Arena

Glad to hear that.

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The only thing I can think of is a few Star Wars characters.

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I think Wolverine. I think.

Probably a few others as well, X-Men related.

If character specific, I could list off characters from Fables etc but that's more a series thing -- even with the 50 issue Jack spinoff. I might have every issue of a character but more because of their appearances only are as part of a team so I wouldn't necessarily say I collect the issues for the characters themselves.

I am pursuing a couple at the moment, hopefully I can get my hands on them.

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I own the entire 2008-2012 Hulk run.

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Only Bleez. I'm missing the three latest issues though.

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Probably a good few, maybe Daredevil?

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