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The music of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts is simplistic, low brau, loud, basic 3 chord progressions and... I love it... Joan has a song entitled, "I hate myself for loving you." It's going through your head RIGHT NOW...isn't it?

Anyway, do you ever find yourself loving a movie that you KNOW is a bad movie? For example, Starship Troopers. I KNOW it's a bad movie. It's a REALLY bad movie...The storyline is stupid! There are bugs hurling rocks through space to smash into earth, the good guys are essentially nazis, military cliche makes up the bulk of the dialogue, and Dougie Howser is a tough guy?!?! and yet, (head held low, eyes downcast) I love this movie...Forgive me.

So...With that in mind, let's talk comics... I hate timeline problems, I hate lack of continuity, I hate villains becoming good guys, and I hate sexually disturbing implications in comics... So put them all in one comic book and I should hate it. I really should..... I really REALLY should.

So, I just read Uncanny X-Force 1 and I'm sorry to say it looks like it's going to be pretty freaking good....

(ooops! I just realized I had things that should have had a spoiler alert warning... I've put that in now...)

  • Storm has been about the biggest opponent of the idea of an X-Force team and it appears that she's going to be the leader.
  • There's an implied relationship between Wolverine and Storm, which is just.. ewwww...Not the two of them it's just...ewwwww...
  • Psylocke has an implied LONG TIME HATRED of Spiral, when in actuality, on the Marvel timeline, their hate relationship only goes back about 5 years.
  • Spiral (evil villain) is going to be a good guy. Marvel is once again implying that NO ONE is truly evil, just misunderstood. How long will it be to Marvel has a team led by Hitler? Um...Maybe I shouldn't be giving them ideas.
  • Bishop, who was a great good-guy but then written into an evil p---k with a robot arm, has come back from the future...He apparently has regrown his human arm (a new power?), is younger (maybe he and Nova were hit with the same thing), and apparently will be giving up on the whole "KILLING PROFESSOR X and HOPE SUMMERS" thing... I do hope he has decided NOT to destroy entire continents as he did long ago in the you know what I mean...
  • Bishop apparently isn't going to leave a message for his younger self to find saying something like, "Oh, btw, don't try to kill Hope Summers." If he WERE going to do that, then the event never would have happened... And yet, he's going to be a good guy? and no one in the universe will be bothered by this, but me....
  • Fantomex's female third (the female version of Fantomex who came into existence when Fantomex was cloned back to llife (or some such thing)) will be joining the team. And to gross us all out, it appears that she is having a romantic relationship with the non-evil male clone of I wonder, is that like the ultimate form of Narcissism?)
  • And yet, with all these things that I obviously hate....I loved issue one of this comic and I think it's going to be a great series... I love the way it's drawn. I like the dialogue. I'm happy to see Puck back in spite of the fact that he's basically a short guy with no powers whatsoever. I really love Psylocke's new attitude.

    Storm: Hi Betsy.

    Psylocke: *&^% you!

    Puck: Hey! You're Psylocke aren't you?

    Psylocke: *&^% you!

    SHIELD: You're flying unknown and unregistered technology in Los Angelos airspace without Avengers permission!

    Psylocke: *&^% the Avengers!

    How could anyone NOT Love this newer, sweeter, more prolific version of Psylocke?

    I think it's going to be a good series... We'll see..

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    I agree with every word, lol.

    Puck's history is a bit convoluted but just having him on this team is quirky enough to have gotten my attention.

    Fun read. :)

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    @Timandm: Love Joan Jett. Sinner was a completely underrated album. Now I think I have to put on Change the World each time I get a new issue of Uncanny X-Force. See what you started!
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    I hardley ever listen to their songs.

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    @judasnixon said:

    @Timandm: Love Joan Jett. Sinner was a completely underrated album. Now I think I have to put on Change the World each time I get a new issue of Uncanny X-Force. See what you started!

    Dayum! That's not a bad idea!

    @ImmortalT1000 said:

    I hardley ever listen to their songs.

    Perhaps you should give them a try?

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    @Timandm: Yeah, i'll probably youtube em.

    When I get time.