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Not sure if that is the right name for it....

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No due to lack of money but man looking at some of the New 52 figures... *drools*.

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@tikhunt: yeah I saw a justice league set but I spent all my money getting old robin action figures now I have to wait and save up although i want to get the nightwing and red robin chess pieces first.

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If I want an image of a hero or villain, i'll buy a poster. And since I don't play with action figures, i don't see the point of buying them.

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I played with action figures as child, especially WWE ones. Come to think of it.. if I had a bunch of comics character action figures I could have a lot of fun...

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No. Already spend the whole comic-related budget on the comics themselves.

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@juliedc: I have the Batman set, they're pretty cool. :)

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I stray away from action figures, but I collect statues instead. The Kotobukia Killing Joke statue is amazing!

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I collect minimates, I like them because they are good renditions of the characters and are ultra cute. Also they're fairly comprehensive in scope, at least for Marvel.

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I would like the get the New 52 Stuff but can't afford it, Trying to get the Regular Show POP! stuff tho.

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I never could. I'd play with them if they had nice articulation.

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I used to, but they take up too much space and cost too much money. For years, I collected action figures and didn't take them out of their packaging. MIB and MOC were so important to me. I look back on that as silliness. After getting over keeping figures MOC, I bought cool figures I liked to open and play with, but the amount of time I played with them was fleeting and they quickly ended up just gathering dust, taking up too much space.

That said, I did recently buy the entire Batman chess set by Eaglemoss, and occasionally buy an action figure here or there in moments of weakness.

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I collect anything that looks cool.