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Do you buy comics digitally or do you get actual books? I buy mine digitally, I was wondering about you. I would prefer to have the books, but the lowered cost makes me buy them digitally. Thanks in advance for posting.

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Actual books. I like the feeling of flipping through the pages, and I just prefer a physical collection. Digital isn't for me.

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Personally I actually prefer a physical copy. Reading comics that were intended for print on a computer just doesn't work well as it makes it harder to appreciate the art due to scrolling and all kinds of a little stuff like that.

The reason I enjoy webcomics so much is that they have the computer format in mind most of the time and thus are much better to read on one.

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BOOKS. Ahem I apologize for that outburst but there has not been a single moment in my entire life where buying something digitally has outweighed the pros of buying the physical copy my young chaps.

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@decoy_elite: I use my iPad's Comixology app for my digital reading and the format is really nice.

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@rulerofthisuniverse: Ehhh, I don't have an iPad or Kindle so that does kinda keep me from trying stuff like that out.

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Digitally. The closest LCS is a half-hour from here, has a standoffish owner, and doesn't stock indie books regularly. When I move I will see about setting up a relationship with a local store if there are good options because I'd love to order some Image variants, but meantime Comixology saves a lot of time and often money (like almost all of Locke & Key for 20 bucks). However I also seek out trades and will absolutely buy some physical copies of things I adore digitally, when possible.

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Physically. I'm lucky enough to have seven different comic shops within a reasonable distance, and every time I read a digital comic on my iPod Touch, I find it less enjoyable.

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I do both, which is horrible because my collection is in shambles now.

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Books man! I just like the feel, smell, and look of an actual comic book! Plus I feel like I'm holding a piece of history.

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Physical. I can't stand reading comics on my laptop. I tried and I couldn't do it. I can't really appreciate the art and read the comic as comfortably as I can when I have it in hand. Also, when you go digital, you don't get the joy of making friends with your comic book guy, going home and reading your comics, packing and sealing them away for another day, and then one day in 10 years time, being able to walk into a room in your house overflowing with your extensive comic collection and just feel satisfied.

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Physical, I switched between the two in the past but I'm always drawn back to print because I like my collection.

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I buy both but I mostly buy he digital books there more convenient as I use the marvel app and I love their sales on some issues. I like that on road trips I can log on my iPod touch and read he comics and take them with me. When a issue I really want to read is out and I can't go to my local store to pick it up becuase of school or other stuff I can just log in and buy my copy and read it. But I do go to some local areas where they do have $1 bins to pick up some comics.

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If by books you mean trades, then yes. My 'Local' CS is 4 hours away, so it's either trades or digitally. So far I have bought a lot of trades, because I had so much to get caught up on, supplemented with digital comics for those hard-to-find comics that either aren't in trades or are out-of-print. Though I have just bought Batman #21, and I plan on getting that and Batman/Superman as they come out. I don't want to wait ages for the trades to come out, while people are discussing them all over the net. I like the digital format (I have an iPad with retinal), there are only two cons: you cannot reorder the comics in the DC app (I'm a big fan of systematic order) and trades just look way better on the shelf.

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Actual books.

I like having a connection to what I'm reading. It just doesn't feel natural reading a comic on a phone, or something like that. And it's more fulfilling having a physical collection, as apposed to a digital one.

Even though the nearest comicbook shop is a half-hour drive away I still prefer actual books.

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Physical, and I don't plan on going digital.

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Digital because you can take hundreds of digital comics with you at all times so you always have something to read.

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Both I prefer actual copy digital is fine though

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I buy digital and only borrow physical. I can't get comfy with physical books when lying down.

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I prefer the physical copy. No chance of a computer crash to erase my collection (although, house fire, tornado, etc...). Plus I can lend out my comics to my brother, dad, and friends, which I can't do if it's digital. It's also a strain on the eyes after reading comics (or anything) on a computer for so long.

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I have both, but I prefer actual books. I like going to my LCS and getting my books. The guys who work there are very nice and helpful.

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Actual Books. The only time I get digital is when I'm behind on a series. It's cheaper to by back issues digitally than at stores.

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Actual books! It's worth the extra money to have it in your hands and make a physical collection of comics. It's better in nearly every way.