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do heroes like superman wash their suits? i know he doesnt sweat but still i wonder if it smells nasty.

do you think after a long day of fighting iron mans armor smells? how would dr.doom wash his armor since hes in it all the time? i think it smells prob smells like ass. do you think since heroes are fighting crime all day in tights/armor that they smell?

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......................? maybe?

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@welldone said:

......................? maybe?

Um I'm guessing they would - it wouldn't differ from any of their other clothes I guess. You still need to wash them. Doom's probably invented some special cleaning device for his armor. If the guy made a device that steals Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic, I'm pretty sure he can make something to keep his armor odorless.

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Superman doesn't sweat so I would say no on that but batman is so rich he just burns each costume and buys another one

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Spider-Man is the only one I know who washes HIS costume. He's the only character that would actually make sense washing their clothes :P

Also Iron Man's/Doom's suits wouldn't smell like crap, just think about what Batman wears and the environment he's exposed to in Gotham, he probably smells like shit.

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@tyrus: lol @ batman smelling.

hmm what about non super characters?

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Alfred washes Batman's costumes and Superman washes his own costumes.

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I would suspect they do. Even if they don't sweat, there's enough other ways for it to get dirty. Blood, garbage, sewer muck. If you're going to spend that much time climbing, crawling, and fighting your way through an urban environment, getting nasty is all but inevitable, and I doubt they just wander around smelling rank like it's no big deal.

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No, no, all Superheroes and villains simply find a tall building, cliff or panoramic high back drop and wait for a heavy storm!