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This question came to me while taking my son to the doctor late last night.  I starting wondering what superheroes do when they get sick.  While some may be more immune to the common cold, they still occasionally have to deal with a sick day.  And even if they don't have a super immune system as one of their powers, being a superhero may make them more susceptible to viruses and bacteria.  Thus, with their lifestyle, would health insurance companies even carry superheroes? Would they just have really large policies?
And then I started thinking about the other types of insurance.  Do they have dental?  What about an accident insurance for all the collateral damage they inflict?  Car insurance?  Home owner's insurance?  Sure, some may have it under their alter egos, but what about the heroes themselves.  Is the Fortress of Solitude insured?  What about the Batmobile? 

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The government benefits was something the heroes talked about as a big positive for signing up with Tony Stark during Civil War, so I'm guessing that most of them don't currently have it. 
I'd also guess that members of the Justice League are insured thru Wayne Enterprises at least since Bruce Wayne started sponsoring them. Wayne has also come out and said he's been bankrolling Batman for a long time, but he was probably self-insuring.
In Spider-man 3, the Sandman's lack of medical insurance for his sick kid was his whole motivation for trying to steal all that money.

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Anyone associated with Daredevil/Elektra should take out Sai coverage.

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The better question is: how much do civilians in New York City, Gotham, Metropolis, Tokyo, London, etc. have to pay for insurance? Those places are real hotspots for destruction and carnage in comics.

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In Marvel the government tried to make some supers register so I guess they would get some sort of benefits from that.

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Nope.  The rates are outrageous.   
The only heroes that can afford it, have so much money they don't need it.
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They have masks. That's the greatest protection against lawsuits possible, so it's better than insurance.

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Hmm- Wolverine has a fast healing immune system but Kitty Pryde and Reed Richards have both seen laid up with flu. Mythological deities such as Thor and Hercules are functionally immune from all earthly diseases as well as being immortal- as are supernatural entities such as vampires like Dracula( also for "scientific" vampires such as Morbius). One presumes that due to the Super Soldier Serum, Captain America is likewise immune from not just aging( in real life terms he would be 90-plus now) but human diseases. How the new health care legislation( Affordable Care Act or "Obamacare" to its critics) would affect superheroes is anybody's guess!