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Our children's schools are essential to our kid's learning and development. Comics can be a source of great artwork and at times good stories, other times not. Do you think that there is anything that an average non-comic reading parent would appreciate enough to happily have it on their child's curriculum?

If you say yes, what do you think would be good additions and why? You can consider anything from art, literature, language and any other subjects a child from 5-18 can learn.

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Punisher MAX

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maybe not in curriculum but I don't see them as a problem

they peaked my interest in science when I was younger

if scientific facts can be pushed into comics it could get closer to curriculum

they say texting improved sentence making skills into todays youth, just because they wouldn't write any otherwise

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I think so.

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@wolverine08: Really? I don't quite get the reasoning for that.

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They could be part of some type of creative writing course if applied correctly.

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@wolverine08: Ehh, I guess so, but I doubt average, non-comic reading parents would prefer that to an actual book.

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Being from France, I learned a lot of vocabulary and gained some sense of what expression is idiomatic or not by reading comics. They are a lot more fun to read than the annoying and depressing texts you get to read at school. In that case, I think they are really relevant !

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I don't think comics have a place in children's curriculum. However, I could see Watchmen being studied in college literature classes, but that's the only comic that I could see being included in any sort of curriculum.

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@e1000: I can see your point, learning idiomatic expressions is one of the hardest parts of studying a foreign langauage.

I think in terms of literary appreciation there is quite a bit that could be potentially offered. One of my favourite series was Neil Gaiman's Sandman. Some of the stories were, and still are unmatched, the same can be said of Lucifer too. The examination of morals is also quite in-depth, with some quite abstract characters that has a certain Shakespearean nuance about it.

There is also a great artistic merit to the comic format, may of us have favourite artists. The amount of effort that goes into covers in particular. Take some of the covers for the longest running titles or the re-imagining of characters like Superman.

I even think there is something to be said about the value of comics in terms of historical and social development. Comics, like many other forms of social media have expressed a lot of views of their times, similar to cartoons of the time. There was a time, shock horror, when we did not have games machines, and comics were REALLY popular.

I do not think there is enough to warrant a wide use of comics per se, but there are opportunities for sure. I am going to see about getting some Asterix though, could do with some French advancement.

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I think that is a great idea but seeing as like most people on this website I am a big comic fan that isn't too surprising. This could encourage reading and increase comics popularity but is comics becoming more popular a good or bad thing?... That's another debate entirely

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I don't see why not. It would be more interesting than majority of the books I've read like Jane eyre.

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Rob Liefeld drawings could be used in Art class as an example of how NOT TO DRAW

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Educational comics? *backs away slowly*

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I think lighthearted comics like Image's Bones can easily be included kids school's curriculum

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Absolutely yes. We ran our store kid friendly and did presentations on all ages books for local libraries. Comics are a fun way to get kids reading.

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Absolutely, I learned to read and expand my vocabulary from the old DC Superhero dictionary. Comics made me interested in science and forced me to research scientific terms and historical events to understand them. If used to draw kids into learning new things or providing a new twist to older subjects comics can be a valuable tool.