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I know like half of Iron Man 3 now thanks to spoilers.

Not sure if they're legit, but given the trailers I've seen, I'm gonna say they might be.

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@TheAcidSkull said:

i just want a solo hulk film...

Weren't there like 3 already?

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Yeah, that's why "Lincoln" sucked; everyone knows how it ends /s

Please keep this thread spoiler-free. I'm going to eventually get that on Netflix and I'm very curious to see how that turns out!

I mean the cover was good enough proof, but c'mon, man D:

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@Batman242 said:

@TheAcidSkull said:

i just want a solo hulk film...

Weren't there like 3 already?

2, but that doesn't mean we can't have a 3rd.

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Just put spoiler alert in the article title (and never the spoiler itself) and maybe a note about what type of spoiler, be it that a certain character has been cast, or that a movie will be based on a certain story arch, and so forth.

Also, I don't even have to look up the Iron Man 3 post credit spoiler. What's going to happen is almost so obvious it hurts, and I kind of hope that something genuinely surprising happens instead.

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Im okay with spoilers as long as the spoiler isnt spell out in the title. i can choose not to read it.

#57 Posted by Vance Astro (91697 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't read them.

#58 Posted by AWeekInGeekdom (233 posts) - - Show Bio

Not a fan of big scoops, trailers and such are fine but when they start reporting every single crook and cranny about a film, it leaves NOTHING to the imagination. I loved the stinger scenes because you don't know what you might get. Last time my buddies had the genius idea of spoiling me about Thanos, needless to say a quarter of the fun was sucked when I watched Avengers on screen.

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The way I see it is that there will always be rumors and spoilers pervading the Internet. We live in an age of information, and news sites are constantly trying to get the big scoop. And in my opinion, that's fine and it's alright. It's the nature of modern-day media, be it comic-book movies or anything else.

But I choose not to read them. If anyone else wants to, they're right there for you to get spoiled, but I prefer not to. Going in to Iron Man or The Dark Knight, I was blown away without knowing a thing beforehand. But for Avengers, the hype was so big and I looked up every news bit and trailer that when I finally saw the movie - I was initially disappointed because of pumped expectations and also because I felt like I already knew the plot. So I've learned my lesson, and now I steer clear of anything that might spoil the fun.

But if anyone else wants to, it's all-good. The choice is yours.

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As long as they choice isn't being made for us, whatever.

I won't read articles and I won't have things spoiled. The second they're visible to people trying to avoid it is when it becomes an issue.

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@SoA said:

scoops don't because one can read the title and make their own decision against reading it . what spoils more is people putting the spoiler in the title of a thread so when you are looking for interesting threads to respond to you end up getting a spoiler for a comic or show you have yet to read/watch

THIS!  Big Time!
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@KnightRise:Yeah I know right

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I dont like Spoilers and it does take effort to avoid them nowadays, However I do like hearing interviews from producers and actors that are excited about the roll and what there goals are, and what they are trying to bring to the table, you can get a sense of if they even know the source material and if you will enjoy it or not, more then any spoilers would.

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Depends on what the scoop in question is talking about. For most scoops (which tend to have spoilers), I try to avoid them as much as possible so that they do not ruin anything for me (recently, been dodging all Star Trek: Into Darkness, Man of Steel, and Iron Man 3 scoops)

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This is a two-fold answer for me. First I will say that if it is a movie that I was on the fence about seeing, learn how it ends, I will wait for video, netflix, what have you. If it is a movie that I was really amped to see, and someone spoils it or scoops it, I will still see it, obviously, but it does take away an experience for me. I don't think spoilers make a movie bad, but it obviously does ruin the experience. I mean if you are watching Fight Club not knowing what is going to happen, that movie is a trip. If you watch it knowing key plot points then you're watching it LOOKING for those things. There is no way around it. I think people who say spoilers shouldn't matter are wrong. I know, I was one of them.

It never dawned on me the affect of spoiling an ending had on me until The Dark Knight. Somewhere, completely unwarned, before the movie came out, there was a video with Gary Oldman talking about the movie and they went into brief detail about the ending (Spoiler alert: Two-Face being in it at all, dying, and Batman taking the heat for all of Two Face's murders). I didn't quite know the context until the last 30 minutes of the movie or so, but I thought to myself, man what if I hadn't known ANYTHING?! There is a clear difference between me predicting the movie, or getting to the conclusion as the movie is going, because that's my brain working it all out. If it is simply told to me, that's like watching someone else play a video game, there's no fun in it.

It is becoming worse now with shows like Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad and Walking Dead, I have to stay off of Facebook and be very cautious of websites if I am not caught up on the show. Same with movies, some places are getting Marvel movies a week before the states, screenings, you name it. I love movies and I love experiencing them one on one. After I see it, lets talk all day about it. I don't see the point of scooping these big stories, is it to get attention? It surely can't be to sell the movie because they are giving away too much these days. I wish we could go without any story scoops about plot/story details of anything. Imagine if Batman Inc 8 hadn't been spoiled. I mean yeah, the cover wasn't subtle but it COULD have meant perhaps Damian quits as Robin or changes his name or something, when it's confirmed it's sort of like, well why even bother? Some will argue, as I did once, that it's not the end it's the journey, and sure that's true and I still give most things a chance should they be spoiled. Point is a surprise party is always better when the person doesn't know about it.

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I don't mind spoilers at all. I like to be surprised but I don't care if I find out some spoilers. Sometimes I look for them. Some times I want someone to tell me the spoiler and I get more excited because I just have to what it is they are talking about.

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For me, I see both good and bad outta spoilers. Good in that it could give us an idea for how the upcoming movie will be, bad in just what the actual spoiler/rumor content is. In all honesty I've long learned that when I look into rumors to simply, as the old adage says, to take it with a grain of salt and not cash it in. For my part the spoilers and rumors are great because I love to get the up to date information by something I'm immediately accessing from my end and then look like I'm the entertainment hookup to my friends who don't know the latest. On the other hand I also am careful to treat these just as rumors until otherwise confirmed to be true. I say continue to bring em on...better to know something and be wrong than to know nothing at all!

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I try to avoid spoilers if I can. Most sites are pretty good at warning you if you really wanna "click here" for a spoiler. So we sorta ruin it for ourselves by not showing restraint. I like to see what characters will look like in an upcoming film. An example would be a shot of Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin - I wouldn't consider that a spoiler. Or think back to when the Dark Knight was filming. Everyone couldn't wait to see what Ledger would look like as the Joker...the studio released an image, cool. The one problem I do have is trailers. I think they show too much. They don't necessarily reveal too much of the plot, but some shots I'd rather that be part of my moviegoing experience without having seen it beforehand.

#70 Posted by yo_yo_fun (639 posts) - - Show Bio

Am I okay "with knowing pivotal things about films well in advance"??

HECK NO!!! I hate spoilers! They ruin the movie for me. I'm okay with knowing who will be writing, producing, directing and staring in the movie but that's as far as I want to know. Trailers should show all there needs to know.

I avoid spoilers as much as possible, I hardly go on line anyway. As long as there's a Spoiler Warning label on the articles, then people could choose whether they want to read it or not.

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It seems almost impossible to insulate yourself enough in today's world to avoid spoilers. Stay out of the toy section and avoid ads as well because the toys they not sell months in advance are themselves - spoilers. I guess that there must be a thirst for this information because it is very hard to avoid. I do like to be warned via - SPOILER ALERT. But there are spoilers is the comic world as well. Marvel and DC announce new titles way before plot resolutions and most of the time we know pretty much what is gonna happen in-advance.

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@KnightofSteel: I completely agree that trailers give FAR too much away. I think even the most simple person can rationalize during a movie "I know where this goes because I saw this in the trailer". That is honestly my biggest pet peeve, more than scoops. I admit that the net has gotten a lot better about concealing spoilers than it used to, but trailers seem fine with showing you the ending. I mean a great example is Avengers. The scene where Hulk catches Iron Man was IN the trailers had I not known that I would have been riveted. I mean sure maybe I would have thought Hulk would catch him or something but that's a mere guess. Drives me nuts!

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@drphilter: yes that scene in Avengers... you're right! I could've done without seeing that in the trailer beforehand.