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With the popular success of Image Comics' The Walking Dead on AMC, I have been thinking for a while now that would it make sense to make DMZ, Transmetropolitan, and Hack/Slash into a TV series. I personally think that DMZ, Hack/Slash, and even The Boys (Dynamized comics) could bring something new to the realm of TV. These series of graphic novels are not movie material. As a person who has read the material, I can honestly say that making a movie out of these series would be trying to fill 1 gallon of soda into a 2 liter bottle. Don't get me wrong, there are changes that can be made to squeeze content into a film, but I feel like these series would be too much for a movie. Now if it was a TV show, then of course it would most likely work. Think about it, a work that has tons of material too much for a movie would result in a mess that an army of dumb trucks let alone vulture couldn't clean it up. And also, lets face it the average movie franchise is 3, and the third film can't even get passed as good these days (not counting the old movies). TV shows are made to stretch out a story that would be usually too much for a movie. All comic book adaptations can't be movies. For instance, the Walking Dead would be a bad/generic horror movie if made into a film. With that being said, these series of graphic novels I just mentioned would be good if not great TV shows if the story is right. Also, there would have to be a good writer, good cast, and the creators involved with the project.

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I'd love a Hack/Slash show. It could be like Buffy meets Supernatural.