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So here's my dilemma; I have a collection of 6.5 long boxes, plus my weekly pulls. Recently, I have wanted to be able to re-read my books on my tablet instead of digging the actual issues of out the boxes and bags. Now I can scan all my comics, fairly quickly without destroying them, in order to get the digital copies. I am not collecting to sell the books, I just really like having them, for bragging rights, and to read them. However, my moral compass is going haywire.

I am not sure if I should do this; I mean, if I digitize them all, and digitize my weekly pull as I get them, then am I defeating my purpose to have the hard copies at all?

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You can digitize hard copys? How do you? just can each page on your printer? Please explain. I have about 1000 comics and Id much rather have them digitalized then taking up my whole closet haha.

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@symbiotesaiyan: After some research, I have been doing it two different ways: So you can use a flatbed scanner and photoshop (at 300dpi), or your can download them online; which from what I have write on copyright laws, is fine as long as you physically own the issue and do not seed it to anyone.

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@dman1366: Okay yeah that makes sense. Wish there was machine you could just slide your comic books through and puts them on a flash drive haha