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I've heard being on a bunch of diffrent teams it is frowned upon but what if your on one team on one account, then on a diffrent team on another account.Is it still frowned upo.Also where do i put questions like this one?

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RPG section

and if both leaders are cool with it, then no worries

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Cool thanks

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Main reason it is frowned upon is from conflicting interest. Each team should want your complete backing and being in multiple teams it is kind of hard to do that. Let's say you are in a hero team on one account and a villain team on another account. They both do a rpg together, but you only post as one of your accounts. That's not giving your all to the other team, same can be said if you post once with one account and more often with the other. Belonging to a team should be more than just posting in a rpg as them once in a blue moon. It should also be about helping with the team, training members and potential members, helping with ideas on what to do in rpgs for for them next as well as being an active poster in the actual team thread.