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When I'm on the battle forum, I usually see viners stating characters are street level or cosmic etc. I understand that it indicates the power of someone but that's it. What exactly are all the levels, what power is required for each level and what are some examples for each?

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bump I want to know this

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It varies. I don't recall what all of the levels are, but generally street level applies to someone who has human or peak human abilities. Essentially, the max is world-record holder / Olympic athlete level.

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@JediXMan: where can I find out about all levels

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@Nightflash said:

@JediXMan: where can I find out about all levels

I forget what the individual levels are. If you want to know what are the specifics of certain categories, or if there's something you want to know, ask.

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This might help. These are the Marvel power levels.


Here is DC:


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Each person generally have different ways of saying it, but you can connect the dots if you know the levels.

  • Street Level - Usually are regular humans who are at peak shape and rely on gadgets, weapons, and/or hand-to-hand combat skills. An example is Batman.
  • City Level - Usually have powers that if manipulated correctly can destroy entire cities, but not to the extent of being a global danger. An example is Colossus.
  • Herald/Planet Buster - Either have great power or extreme intellect capable of destroying the entire planet, and can usually survive in the vacuums of space. An example is Superman.
  • Cosmic - Immensely powerful and have the potential to destroy entire galaxies through sheer power or prep. An example is Thanos (during Infinity Gauntlet).
  • Omnipotent - Able to bend reality and the laws of nature, physics, (etc.) easily, and can drastically impact universes, if not multiverse.