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Hi guys,

This might sound a little stupid to most of you, so I apologize up front for my ignorance. I've asked numerous people, but I never got a satisfying answer. My question is: What are the differences between the different (currently running) Batman series? I mean, there's Batman, The Dark Knight, Detective Comics and many more, so what separates them?

Now I know that every series has different writers, artists and storyarcs, but I mean the fundamental differences between the series. For example, Batman and Robin is obviously about stories in which both Batman and Robin play a role. But how about the others? Are The Dark Knight comics generally darker and more gruesome than other series? Does Batman rely much more on his detective work in Detective Comics? Or is this distinction wholly arbitrary and could any Dark Knight storyarc easily be a Detective Comics storyarc and vice versa?

I am curious to hear your thoughts.

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Bump. Answer this man!

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Different authors versions of Batman. One story might have him as a young man, while another might have him as an old man. One might have him be the only hero, while others might feature the Bat-Family.

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@supernategames: I understand that. But what I mean, is there some sort of theme that unites all of the issues within a particular series. For example, all of the issues in Batman & Robin are about the two of them. Is there something like that that defines The Dark Knight series, or the Detective Comics series for that matter?

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Well Detective Comics is supposed to be Batman solving cases and being a detective, at least more than his main series.

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Batman Dark Knight isn't really darker unless you're Agorephobic... I mean seriously Agorephobic... like you thought Saw2+ and Hostel were good movies

in addition it started off drawn like 90s comics, I really was appalled by Two-Face being so overly muscled that he made Bane look like Spiderman

ohh yeah... this has the smallest amount of words compared to the others.... LOTS of Splash pages, and large panels

Batman is everything I expected Batman to be, its classic portrayed batman, you see Bruce Wayne being Bruce Wayne and batman fighting crime with gusto.

Batman and Robin seems... lighter than the others... but its still batman, and can still be darker than most other non-batman comics.

Detective Comics, someone else should answer this one.

Did you want synopsis on the Batman Spinoffs as well? (catwoman, Talon, Batwing, Batwoman, Batgirl, Suicide Squad(harleyquinn), Teen Titans (tim drake), Nightwing (dick grayson), Red Hood and the Outlaws (Jason Todd)

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From what I heard about The Dark Knight, it involves more supernatural/mystical/superstitious stuff. I could be wrong though.

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Batman: To me, the main Batman title, features the most appearances by other members of the Bat family, is where most of the major Bat events happen (Death of the Family, Night of Owls, Year Zero)

Batman & Robin: Features the dynamics between the Dynamic Duo,

Detective Comics: Shows a wider view of Gotham, usually features a back up that isn't about Batman (sometimes it's his rogues gallery, sometimes it's about GCPD)

The Dark Knight: More surreal, creepy stories, showcases some of the most demented villains like Mad Hatter or Clayface

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Thank you, at last some helpful answers :)

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I have a question , how are these series connected to each others ? chronologically and storywise /