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I been on this site for a couple of years now. I never really posted much but I like the podcasts and the editor reviews. I read something where someone was ranting about John Romita's art and it got me thinking off into a tangent.....

I dont really have as much of problem with romita's art.....when it comes to street level charactars. I dont want him drawing goblins or outer space beasts. But Romita is rich comic politics. His dad been in the bizz. He has drawn alot of blockbuster books for marvel. Would they have been better if a sara pichelli or stuart immonean(spelling) had drawn it? Maybe. Maybe not in all cases.

Romita made alot of paper on kick ass. I can not imagine another artists style complementing that book in such a way. Unless I am mislead, that was a creator owned title. I think he got a fair grip off that as a whole. More of these comic book writers are seeing that print is POSSIBLY dying medium. Now more than ever the power is lying in the hands of the writers, as opposed to the 90's when it was more Artist driven. I dont know what the medium for employment of artists will be in 5 years, I do know the writers are trying to cash in on creator owned property with the hopes of making it big on the silver screen.

I mean lets be honest, Robert Kirkman is the Michael Jordan of comic book writers. Grant Morisson might be the Magic Johnson or the Larry Bird, but Kirkman is just the man. Consistiently. He deserves whatever rewards fall his way. Its quite sad that if it wasnt for the tv show...he would still be relatively unknow amongs the comic book fans. Whats worse, SOME comic book fans wont even give his books a read.

To write for either Marvel or DC is HUGE responsibility. Continuity and comic book fans alike are severely unforgiving at times. Somethings you just can't undo neatly. We often have to rely in our faith in writers to steer us through cringing moments of ''Did you just really......''.

Picking up a new book is like being dealt a hand of poker. Assuming you are hopping on from issue one, you dont really know how its gonna turn out. Pocket Aces dont always hold up. They more than likely always do.

Batman #1. Pocket Aces. Writer and Artist. This hand has the nuts.

Wonder Woman #1. Pocket queens. So far it looks like QQA on the turn. I do not see this book going wrong anytime soon.

Ultimate Spiderman #1 AK with KQ10 on the board. The odds of this book going south are low.

AvengersVsXmen #1. Pair of 9's. I was okay with the idea and i limped in on the small blinds. Someone reraised a little bit and then most people called so called to see how it could turn out. I thought it could go either way. The flop turns up AJ9 suited and four people call and re-raise and things got well out of hand. I never thought it through....I just kept calling and burying myself into a deeper pile. 2 cards against my favor later and I am left with bareley enough to buy a pencil. The major thing I learned here is that it does not always pay to gamble.

I like what marvel is TRYING to do with Marvel Now. Their backs were against the ropes. DC dealt a crippling blow when their relaunch paid off so well. Marvel's problem is this...they need to face the facts. Sometimes, your direct copetitor will do something cleverly effective. It takes alot of humility, but if it works....it works for a reason. Because they did it first does not mean that it will not work for you. I know you might be thinking that a Marvel relaunch like what DC did would be far too symetrtical with their ultimate line. My answer would be not at all. I think it would be awesome. Marvel's ultimate line actually seems to be allowing for the passage of time in a way that I have never really seen done. I think they should keep the ultimate line aging in real time. That allows for a brand new universe of storytelling.

Marvel's numbering system needs a binder. It is all over the place. I dont even know if they launch these titles in anticitation of relaunching them after 12 issues, or distorting them out to issue 80 with a few name changes here and there. I mean really....who does that? I remember when wizard was around it was much more concise numbering. This was the norm. They dont even know what is going on with their own multiverse and how/if its even connected. Why? Cuz they do not want to sound too much like DC. As much is it makes more sense for me to understand it as Earth-616...the truth of the (anti)matter is that there is no such acronym. At least not according to Joe Queseda.

So....why not Joe? I mean....I think stan would be cool with it. I mean, back in the day they used to take the other company's ideas ALL the time. It makes for competitive and innovative books. It really doesnt matter who does it, as long as it is done well...the fans win. What....you guys dont think DC cares about such petty things? HA! As we speak they are taking a page out of marvels book(no pun intented) and trying to figure out how to tie this justice league movie together in a kinda avenger's like hype way. They see that marvel did a REALLY GOOD team movie by sequencing events leading up to it. Little cameo's that make you think it is possible really get the fanboys giddy. Even a mention of gotham city in the Man of Steel movie would get the rumor mills going. Can you imagine if they even let Kal El fly over it? The sky's the limit.

But this rant isnt about marvel. It started out about John Romitia Jr. Why?

I too tried reading that captain america number one. I will be polite and say I saved myself the time of reading issue two. I walked into a spolier and heard about how issue 2 started. I heard about the first panel. I have never been so happy to say DID NOT READ.

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DID NOT READ! anything ever. I just type random crap in, w/o reading what it says.

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