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We all know that Dick Grayson's costume has evolved over the years. You can decide which costume was your favorite, wheteher he's Robin, Nightwing, or Batman. Maybe you can add in a Discowing or two.

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Short hair, domino mask, black, blue V, finger stripes

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Love his original Robin costume and I love his black and blue Nightwing costume that he had before New 52 screwed it up.

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Tough one, he has a penchant for looking ridiculous, I suppose you can't fault him though, blame the fashion of the times

He always looks better in animation

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Im sure my opinions going to be the unpopular one here but my favorite is the New 52 costume. I just like how it looks. A VERY close second would be the blue with the fingerstripes without the long hair. Just like he looked in Hush.