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CV has been a great site for me. We all use it at work to help customers with ridiculous questions pertaining D-List heroes from the 50s, or artists who have only done one thing, the stuff most comic nerds don't know. I've done a little bit of helping this site also. I have updated Story Arcs, Weekly Comics, and numerous other things. Mostly, I do weekly reviews, or try to. I've been infatuated with this site since G-Man wandered into my store and asked us to check it out. I'd like to thank the whole gang for getting this site going and everyone who is more dedicated to this site than me (251 of you according to that number). You guys gave me something to do on slow days at work, while I should be writing comics....

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Welcome, thanks for adding to the vine.

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Thanks for not punching me in the stomach

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punches inferiorlogo in the stomach lol 
Great job, man! your reviews are always a great read!!
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...ouch... i think i have what the doctors would call internal bleeding, thanks